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Sponsored By: Dorothy & Bill Cohen Honors College

Through living and learning together, students prepare to be successful in Honors, in academic departments, on campus, and in the Wichita community. The Honors LLC is designed to develop reflective and transformational campus and community leaders, and students are expected to commit passionately to a cause larger than themselves.

Why Join?
Students join the Honors LLC for many reasons, but all are driven by a love of learning. The ideal student for the Honors LLC is one who enjoys scholarship, craves challenges, appreciates a diverse perspective on current issues, and wants to be connected with likeminded students and dedicated faculty from the minute they step foot on campus until long after they step off the commencement stage.

Students must be admitted into the Honors College before applying and are required to enroll in a Honors First Year Seminar course during the fall semester. Limited to incoming first year students.

Learning Outcomes
• Communicate effectively across disciplines and professions through curricular requirements and academic events
• Contribute to an intellectual, creative, and civic community through interactions in Honors student organizations and events

Past Programs
• Q & A with Honors Faculty
• Rocket Launch & Night at the Alley - Bowling & Arcade
• Honors Forum

For More Information:
Honors LLC Coordinator: Trish Gandu, (316) 978-6697, Trish.Gandu@wichita.edu
Residence Life Coordinator: Lauren Wilson, (316) 978-5999, Lauren.Wilson@wichita.edu

Honors RA: Linda Harl