Sponsored By: College of Health Professions

The Health Professions LLC is a community for students interested in exploring a broad range of career opportunities in the health fields. The core values of the Health Professions LLC logoHealth Professions LLC are community, communication and caring. Students in the Health Professions LLC will have the opportunity to discuss and engage in activities affecting global health care while identifying methods to take thoughtful care of other community members.

Why Join?
Members build relationship inside and outside the classroom by taking part in social, educational, and community service events. Experience, learn, and grow in all of these essential areas in preparation to practice health care with future clients.

Students must have a declared College of Health Professions major  to participate. Students should have an interest in exploring Global Health and Inter-professional Experiences in relation to Health Care. Limited to incoming first year students.

Learning Outcomes
• Connect with others in the health care profession, both inside and outside your area of interest
• Discuss ethical and medical issues facing those in the medical community
• Explore global health care of diverse populations

Past Programs
• Cadaver Lab Tour
• Thanksgiving Potluck
• Legend Senior Living Center Tour

For More Information:
Health Professions LLC Coordinator: Gina Stewart, (316) 978-5691, Gina.Stewart@wichita.edu
Residence Life Coordinator: Lauren Wilson, (316) 978-5999, Lauren.Wilson@wichita.edu

Health Professions RA: Elena Ewing