Student Body President John Kirk has selected Underserved Senator Mary Elizabeth Thornton as his VIce Presidential Nominee.

Wichita, KS- President John Kirk has signed a series of Executive Orders reorganizing a key role in the Executive Cabinet, the Legislative and Community Outreach Director. The role was created by President Olivia Gallegos at the start of her Presidency with Executive Order 65-002.

Student Body President John Kirk has nominated Michael Bearth, who served as the Student Body Vice President during the 62nd Session, to the office of Vice President for the 65th Session.

Student Body President Mitchell Adamson Selects Kian Williams, current Government Relations Committee Chair, for Vice President

Student Body President Olivia Gallegos has resigned as President of the Association, and will be succeeded by her Vice President Mitchell Adamson.

Wichita, Kansas- Following her inauguration on April 21, Student Body President Olivia Gallegos signed the first twenty-three Executive Orders of her Administration.