Advance industry and community partnerships to provide quality educational opportunities and collaboration to satisfy rapidly evolving community and workforce needs.

Strategic Plan Objectives


Strategic Plan Objectives Performance Drivers Baseline Current Performance
Number of intellectual property disclosures, patents Disclosures 47 (2020) 40 (2021)
Licensing Revenues Revenues in US Dollars $81,247 (2020) $233,451 (2021)
Start Up Supports Startups supported 30 (2019) 347 (2021)
Employed Students Work-based Applied Learning 2,736 (2019) 2,515 (2020)
Employed Student Salaries Work-based Applied Learning $27.5 M (2019) $26.6 M (2020) COVID impact
Applied Learning Internships Internships in field of study 1,801 (2019) 1,995 (2020)
Embrace a mission of service by enhancing community and regional engagement Strategic Engagement and Planning  and the Office of Engagement were created to strenghten the university's community engagement efforts. The university community engagement model was approved by faculty and staff involved in engagement activities. Focus was placed on supporting intiatives in Shocker Neighborhood including the Shocker Neighborhood Promise Scholars, mobile food markets, Trunk or Treat, WU Reads, and several community health initatives.
Deepen partnerships with P-12 educational providers such as USD 259 BAASE, CTE Pathways, Teachers of Tomorrow
Collaborate with other higher education institutions on initiatives enhancing student educational opportunities and supporting the economic, health and cultural needs of our communities Number of articulation agreements

Agreements signed (2019): 25

Total agreements in force (2019): 72

Agreements signed (2020): 10

Total agreements in force (2020): 82

WSU Tech new to WSU 324 373
Grow relationships with business partners to generate new applied learning and research opportunities Student experiences—  Shocker Career Accelerator 5,138 4,634
Employers Engaged —  Shocker Career Accelerator 500 416
Small Business Clients supported Kansas Small Business Development Center clients, workshops and attendees 2019
640 clients
109 workshops
1,077 attendees
489 clients
74 workshops
1,863 attendees
Advance alumni and donor relationships to secure their engagement with students and financial support

WSU Alumni Association License Plate Scholarship program:

  • Awarded $71,000 in scholarship funding to seven License Plate Scholarship recipients and 44 Legacy Scholarship recipients.
  • 51 scholarship recipients cover 30 different declared majors plus one undecided.
  • Raised over $1M for student scholarships since 2002.
  • More than 3,600 WSU tags on the road today.
Increase the quality of the students' undergrad and grad experience
  • 32 Community Orgs served by 78 students.
  • 209 students provided 1,568 hours of community service.


Wichita State director earns Kansas Human Rights Commission appointment

Wichita State's cybersecurity program helps Novacoast locate office in Wichita

FAA awards Wichita State $684K to study unmanned aerial systems

Shocker Neighborhood Commitment offers scholarships and support to Wichita State's neighbors

University Village aims to make Wichita State neighborhood a Wichita destination

Deloitte and Wichita State University join forces to launch new Smart Factory

Research firm Navatek to open WSU office; partnership will greatly grow military research

Woolsey Hall designed to highlight collaborative spaces, active learning

Tap room, 'virtual' kitchen brings new dining concept to Braeburn Square

Evergy invests in WSU's electrical engineering program with solar panel initiative

NIAR begins work on Boeing 737 special-mission modifications

NIAR receives $13.7 million from Air Force for advanced composites research

Army awards WSU-NIAR additional $13.5 million for high-speed missile materials research

Air Force partners with WSU-NIAR to tear down and inspect a high time B-1B fuselage