Empower students, faculty, staff and the greater Wichita community to create a culture and experience that meets their ever-changing needs.

Strategic Plan Objectives


Strategic Plan Objectives Current Performance
Provide opportunities and resources that facilitate work-life balance Wichita State has long supported remote work opportunities and increased access to this work option this year to support COVID-19 responses. Additionally, campaigns were run to remind campus community members of mental health resources.
Provide structural resources, policies, practices, and oversight that foster transparency among campus groups and ensure diverse and inclusive participation Transparency and inclusion remained priorities that were fostered by continued inclusion of constituency heads (faculty, staff and student senates) in monthly executive team meetings. The university president and provost hosted regular town halls to keep the university community updated through leadership transition, pandemic planning and operations and remote learning. The Shocker CircleKeepers, a group of trained university stakeholders, hosted a series of feedback meeting to learn how the university faculty and staff were experiencing the return to campus. The feedback was shared with university administrators to shape discussions and actions.
Create and promote the use of inclusive campus spaces aligned with the Facilities Master Plan Plans to update the university master plan were delayed due to leadership transitions. The Facilities department completed a space utilization study in order to better understand those spaces to be promoted. Additionally several new spaces were planned as a part of the future Student Success Center.
Support and recognize contributions from campus community members and partners The university celebrates its faculty, staff and students in myriad ways. The following list is a representative sample the recognition activities: President's Distinguished Service Awards, University Faculty Awards (Creative Activity, Community Research, Research), Shocker Leadership Awards, Student Government Association Annual Awards, Senior Awards, college specific awards. Campus-wide celebrations include the Shocker Pride Celebration, University Convocation, and the University Alumni Awards.
Develop an intentional plan to increase student engagement on campus and in the greater Wichita community The pandemic required most student engagement to pivot to the virtual realm. Remote programs and activities were planned The office of Student Involvement (Community Service Board) and the office of Engagement partnered to elevate student engagement opportunities in the community.