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Strategic Plan Objectives


Strategic Plan Objectives Performance Drivers Baseline Current Performance
Support and enhance research and creative activity Funded research (sponsored, research, finance and administration fees, NIH/NSF) $128.8 M (2019) $153.4 M (2020)
Post docs
Graduate student stipends $10,519,166  $10,552,932
UG Student research participation 75 65
GRASP student participation


126 (2020, COVID Impact)
Increase diversity Faculty NA 36
Women in STEM NA 26

Economic engagement that involves senior leadership, industry that aligns with regional growth initiatives

Economic engagement included partnerships with the federal delegation to help solve national priorities (Departments of Defence and Commerce, NASA); partnerships with state  and local government to help grow the Kansas and regional economy and create jobs (KDHE, DCF, KDADS, Commerce, Transportation, Governor's Office, Kansas House of Representatives and Senate, City Council and Sedgwick County Commission). Additionally, industry partnerships were formed for applied learning and research with the Wichita Regional Chamber, the Greater Wichita Partnership and the Regional Economic Area Partnership of South Central Kansas. These efforts align with regional growth initiatives like the Kansas Framework for Growth, the GWP Regional Growth Plan, the WSU BREG Study, the Downtown Master Plan, and the future of work.