2021 Community Health Promotion Summit

Session Resources

Resources are listed in alphabetical order by session title.


Authentic Community Engagement for Health, Justice, and Racial Equity, Xavier Morales and Jenna Gaarde

  1. Morales and Gaarde Presentation Slides
  2. Praxis' Briefs on Health Justice & Community Power -- Learnings from the Front Lines
  3. Praxis' Working Principles Organizational Self Assessment
  4. Native Land Map
  5. Indian People Organizing for Change
  6. Storytelling Podcast
  7. Sogorea Te Land Trust
  8. The Praxis Project Working Principles
  9. Government Alliance on Race & Equity
  10. Black Organizing Project
  11. Language Justice Tool
  12. LUPE
  13. Black Women for Wellness
  14. Abundant Birth Project
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Black Butterflyz Then & Now, Chris Omni, MPH

Omni FLYing Workshop Agenda


Coalition Building: It is a Continuous Process, Anita Gaillard

Food Councils: Advancing Health Justice Through Policy and Programs, Karen Bassarab, Milele Kennedy, and Raychel Santo

Framing Thirdhand Smoke As a Social Justice IssueLydia Greiner

From Grassroots Engagement to the Statehouse, Durell Gilmore and Haley Kottler

Opening General Session: What is Health Justice?

Policy Approaches for Chronic Disease Prevention, Ross Brownson

Progress in the Wonderful World of nOZ, Jared Tremblay

Reaching and Serving LGBTQ+ Persons, Scout

Youth In Prevention: From Recruitment Through Sustainability, Nigel Wrangham