Composite Maintenance Technology (CMT)

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CMT: Oct 17 - December 11, 2022


About the Course

Composite Maintenance Technology (CMT) provides a background in critical maintenance issues associated with composite structures. Students will gain increased understanding of safety implications concerning the maintenance and repair of composite materials utilized in aerospace. CMT is an interactive online course for composite maintenance professionals, including inspection personnel, repair technicians, and engineers. Professionals of all skill levels will increase their awareness of technical and safety considerations associated with composite maintenance and repairs. The course includes study materials, audio/visual aids, and a discussion forum which addresses practical maintenance situations. The use of collaborative discussions among participants and instructors is a unique feature of the learning experience which provides further understanding of issues and trends in composites maintenance. CMT is similar in teaching methodology to a companion online course, Composite Structural Engineering Technology (CSET), including content, discussion forums, and audio/visual aids CSET has been taught successfully for nearly 10 years.

Instructors and facilitators engaged in the discussion forums are recognized subject matter experts, each with decades of direct experience in the practice of composites maintenance from commercial and regulatory perspectives.

CMT is based on the development of an industry curriculum standard* which was sponsored by the FAA and supported by industry organizations through the collaboration of composites experts, materials organizations, and users. An optional laboratory is offered separately for hands-on repair training which is not included in CMT.

Attendees typically spend up to six hours per week, reviewing materials and participating in online discussions. Students can individually schedule their involvement in all aspects of the course, including the discussion forums and exams. Blackboard is the learning management system, administered through Wichita State University. Prior students have generally adapted well to the Blackboard teaching methodology. .

Students are assessed by their quality and frequency of discussion participation, and two exams. Those successfully completing course requirements will receive a certification of completion acknowledging their accomplishment.

For further course details, contact course developer and facilitator Charles Seaton at

* AIR 5719A ( “Teaching Points for a Class on Critical Issues in Composite Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul” (September 2018)

* FAA Technical Center Report ( “Guidelines for the Development of a Critical Composite Maintenance and Repair Issues Awareness Course” (February 2009)

 Course Objectives

  • Describe critical maintenance issues associated with composite structures
  • Describe safety implications related to the maintenance and repair of composite materials utilized in aerospace

 Who Should Attend?

  • Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Inspectors
  • Professionals regularly interacting with composites practitioners

Course Topics

  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Source Documentation
  • Damage Disposition
  • Inspection Procedures
  • Composite Repair Practice
  • Bonded Repair
  • Complex Repairs and Thermal Uniformity


CMT Course Registration Fee

Tuition per student is $920.00 for each online module. The optional hands-on laboratory will be an additional fee. Registration is limited to 24 individuals and will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. Course materials are included with tuition. You may register and pay on-line.

Cancellations and Refunds

All cancellations must be made in writing. A 15% administrative fee will be assessed on all cancellations (this includes purchase orders). There will be no refunds after October 3, 2022. WSU reserves the right to cancel the program due to lack of enrollment. In that event, WSU will refund any pre-paid course fees but will not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages.



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