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  • Summer and fall '21 enrollment starts April 5, 2021. Enroll at your staff-friendly and instructor-helpful WSU Haysville now!

    Summer and fall '21 Wichita State Haysville credit and non-credit classes: summer '21; fall '21.Note: All summer and fall '21 for-credit classes at WSU Haysville are designated as "hybrids" with regular tuition rates and no additional online fees. 

  • Also check out small classes at Wichita State South located at the Wichita Harry Street Mall.
  • Please check out this link for the latest information on Student Guide
  • General Academic Calendars for WSU Academic Calendar
  • General Education Program (WSU General Education)
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  • Tuition and Fees - general tuition and other fee
  • Download the WSU catalogs here.

*Please work with your instructors regarding final exam dates and locations.