Teacher Intern Application


  • November 1 - Students beginning their year-long teacher internship in Spring Semester

  • March 1 - Students beginning their year-long teacher internship in the Fall Semester


  1. Submit the Teacher Intern Application.
  2. Download and complete the TB Screening Questionnaire.
    Submit your TB Screening Questionnaire through myShockerHealth portal - under "messages."  Select  "new message." Then select "I want to submit documentation or records." Press "continue" and upload document.

    Within two business days your results should be accessible online. Log back into myShockerHealth portal.  Click Immunizations. If you are compliant it will show "Annual TB Evalution - Exemption: TB Eval Up to Date." Take a screenshot and send it to cas@wichita.edu or print the page and submit it to Applied Studies Advising (CASA), 107 Corbin. If you don't see the Exemption status, and you submitted your TB questionnaire at least 2 days ago, contact Student Health Services at (316) 978-3517 to see whether or not further action is needed.
  3. Submit your Application for Degree by: 1) logging into your MyWSU portal, 2) select "my classes" tab, 3) Under Graduation Links, select Application for Degree. This will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete.  If you do not get a confirmation email, it did not go through and you should try a different server.
  4. You do not need another TB skin test or Physical, unless indicated otherwise by Student Health Services based on your TB screening questionnaire above. Those results should be recorded on the CERTIFICATION OF HEALTH FOR SCHOOL PERSONNEL K.S.A. 72-6266 (prior law 72-5213).