Faculty and Staff Tech Requests

CAS: Network Problems and Requests
Request service with Internet and Network Connectivity, Server Access, or VPN.

CAS: Email
Setup and maintenance of new and existing WSU faculty and staff email accounts.

Login and evaluation issues

Technology Support

The College of Applied Studies (CAS) Tech team is here to provide foundational support for faculty and staff technology needs. We provide assistance in a number of key areas and ways, including hardware, software, maintenance, and troubleshooting. 

Please see the following for helpful processes, protocols, and additional resources.

Purchasing a computer or other device

Procuring hardware is crucial for ensuring that faculty and staff can execute their responsibilities at a high level. We have put together these steps if you are needing to purchase a device, such as a laptop, monitor, or printer 

1. In order to request a quote for new hardware, please click HERE. Prior to completing this form, you will need to read the Standard Configuration Document here at WSU.

2. Once you have received your quote, you begin the process of buying your hardware by submitting the purchase requisition through Banner (FPAREQN). Send an email with the quote attached to purchasing.office@wichita.edu. 

3. Once the hardware or device is delivered, then the individual using the newly purchased hardware will fill out a TDX ticket requesting the device to be set up according to their needs. To fill out the TDX ticket, please use the link located HERE

If you are needing to purchase peripherals (e.g., keyboard, mouse, adaptors), then please feel free to reach out and we can support you as you consider options that best fit your needs. 

Purchasing software

Purchasing software, while similar, is different than purchasing hardware. To purchase software, we are instructed to consult the Software Catalog prior making a purchase. Software appearing on the Software Catalog list are pre-approved for purchase and support. If the software you are trying to purchase is not listed on the Software Catalog page, or the type of the license shows “Individual Perpetual/ Subscription” then please follow this LINK. You will click on “Request Service.”

General, CAS technology support

For general technology assistance, such as troubleshooting hardware, printer issues, connections, monitors, or adaptors, then please follow the link to submit a TDX work ticket, which will be addressed by our Technology Student Assistant. The link may be found HERE.

Help desk support

HERE is a list of Help desk services and how to contact them. 

Other useful resources

Here is a list of additional resources useful to faculty and staff. 

1. Telecom ticket: Request help with any telecommunication issue or service such as remote access in rural areas, cellular service, conference calls, telephone requests, long distance, voicemail, ethernet/data and telephone headset assistance.

2. myWSU features and information: Includes information on voicemail web interface, Dropbox, Employee Required Trainings and other resources.

3. Blackboard support

4. Reporting suspicious emails or spam

5. Managing your myWSU password

6. WSU faculty/staff resources: includes information on Duo Two Factor authentication, email/Outlook, TEAMS, ZOOM, SPSS/AMOS, and working remotely.

Our Technology Student Assistant

The CAS Technology Student Assistant (TSA) is Mohammad Afshan Adbi. He is a junior in aerospace engineering that is a person of many talents, including being a photographer, musician, airplane pilot, entrepreneur, website developer, and active gamer. 

He works out of CE 165 and fills the TDX work tickets when he is not working on his classes. Feel free to stop by and say ‘hi!’