Graduate Certificate
in Online Learning & Educational Technology (OLET)

The graduate certificate in OLET is designed for graduate students interested in developing expertise and skills in designing/teaching online courses, developing instructional multimedia, operating learning management systems, utilizing various technologies for educational contexts.

Description of Graduate Certificate in OLET

To answer the needs of learners and educators that keep changing by the continuous advancement of Information and Communication Technology, this program offers learning opportunities for online course design and development and cutting edge educational technologies to educators, trainers and professional developers who wish to advance their knowledge of online teaching/learning, educational technology integration, and use of technology for communication and professional productivity within any educational contexts. Through 6 CH of core courses and 6 CH of electives, the certificate will provide foundational knowledge and skills about online education and educational technologies, ways of integrating various technologies in educational and other professional settings as well as opportunities to advance information technology knowledge and skills related to subject matter-specific topics.


  1. Provide graduate-level studies in computer technology for educators who wish to: (a) advance their knowledge and skills of online education,
    (b) integrate various cutting edge technologies into classroom instruction, or (c) use information technology for communication with students, parents, and community in any educational contexts.
  2. Provide advanced study for teachers and educators seeking positions in relation of online course design and development or in educational technology such as a technology coordinator in a school. 


Required Courses (6 CH)

Cl 758 Nature of Technology and Educational Implications (3 CH)
Cl 881 Instructional Theory (3 CH)

Electives (6 CH) Selected from the following options

Cl 771 Technology in the Classroom (1-2 CH)
Cl 787 Emerging Edu Technologies (3 CH) 
Cl 788 Instructional Multimedia Production (3 CH)
Cl 785 Instructional Design and LMS (3 CH)
Cl 505 Science Technology & Society (1 CH)
Cl 780C Technology in the Classroom - Young Children (1-2 CH)
Cl 780L Technology in the Classroom - Language Arts (2 CH)
Cl 780M Technology in the Classroom - Mathematics (1-2 CH)
Cl 780S Technology in the Classroom - Science (2 CH)



  1. Notify Dr. Mara Alagic ( and Dr. JaeHwan Byun ( that you intend to seek the Graduate Certificate in OLET.

  2. Apply for admission to the Graduate School. An application for admission form is available at WSU Graduate School Web site.
  3. The Graduate Plan of Study Form and the Application for Degree Form must be submitted no later than the 20th day of the fall or spring semester or the 10th day of the 8-week summer term when certificate completion is anticipated. Plan of Study Forms should be submitted to the Graduate Certificate coordinator, Mara Alagic, who will submit your plan of study to the Graduate School for their approval. These forms are available at the WSU Graduate School Web site.
  4. You are strongly encouraged to submit your plan of study before you complete 9 credit hours toward the Certificate to make certain your plan of study follows the guidelines for the Graduate Certificate.
  5. Students may not use credit hours transferred from another institution toward graduate certificates.
  6. Students may use only 5 ungraded (S/U) credit hours toward a Graduate Certificate in OLET.
  7. Students must take courses or workshops in 2 or more levels to total 15 credit hours. No more than 8 credit hours should be taken from any one level.
  8. Students must notify the Graduate School.

Admission Requirements:

Students seeking graduate certificates must be admitted to Graduate School in a degree program or in non-degree, category A status. All Graduate School policies relative to admissions criteria apply. Students completing the requirements for a Graduate Certificate Program must submit the Graduate Plan of Study form and the Application for Degree Form no later than 20th day of the fall or spring semester or the 10th day of the eight-week summer term when certificate completion is anticipated. A $15 filing fee is required each time a degree card is submitted.

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For more Information contact Dr. Mara Alagic: or Dr. JaeHwan Byun: