School of Education Faculty & Staff Directory

Below is a list of faculty and staff members in the School of Education. For general questions or concerns, please send an email to or call (316) 978-3322. We are located in the Corbin Education Center room 151, so please stop by for a visit!

Jim Granada, Ed.D.

Department Chair, Associate Teaching Professor and Director of Transition to Teaching Program

(316) 978-6298

Mara Alagic, Ph.D.

Professor & Graduate Coordinator for Master of Education in Learning and Instructional Design

(316) 978-6974

Sandy Bequette Ed.D.

Assistant Teaching Professor, Program Chair, ECU & ESOL

(316) 978-3330

Danya Burks Ph.D.

School Liaison

(316) 978-3505

JaeHwan Byun, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Program Chair, Master of Education in Learning and Instructional Design

(316) 978-6870

Katherine Mason Cramer, Ph.D.

Professor, Program Chair, Middle/Secondary English Education

(316) 978-6933

Robin Folkerts M.Ed.

Assistant Teaching Educator

(316) 978-3504

Sherri Holle

Academic Program Specialist (Transition to Teaching Program)

(316) 978-6581

Dosun Ko, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(316) 978-6326

Sun Young Lee Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(316) 978-3542

Aubrey Neihaus Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

(316) 978-6221

Victoria Opalewski

Associate Educator

(316) 978-3352

Aaron Rife, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Program Chair, Middle/Secondary History Government Education

(316) 978-6367

Stacie Turner

Office Coordinator

(316) 978-3322

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