School Counselor to Clinical Mental Health Graduate Certificate


The School Counselor to CMHC graduate certificate program provides students in the 48-credit hour school counseling track and school counseling practitioners the opportunity to obtain the courses needed to meet the academic requirements of the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) license in Kansas. The certificate provides the course work for students who are attending the 48-hour school counseling degree track, WSU alumni who have graduated from the degree track and wish to return to WSU for the LPC educational requirements, or other school counselors who wish to pursue LPC coursework. LPC licensure will have the potential to provide additional career opportunities and promotions to the students who hold the certificate. Students with degrees less than 48 hours may be required to take additional courses beyond this certificate to meet the 60 credit hours required for LPC licensure by the Kansas Behavioral Sciences Regulatory Board (BSRB). Students with a bachelor's degree who may have an interest in the counseling profession or practicing mental health professionals who may want professional development and/or an additional credential are also eligible for admission into this program.

Admission Requirements

The students seeking the School Counselor to Clinical Mental Health Counselor (CMHC) Graduate Certificate will either be currently enrolled students in the counseling program's school counseling degree track or a non-degree A status students, who wish to complete the LPC licensure requirements. All Graduate School policies related to admission will apply to students admitted under non-degree A status to pursue the school counselor to CMHC Graduate Certificate.

Prior to admission, all students are strongly encouraged to confer with the BSRB regarding specific licensure requirements.

Students who are currently admitted to the Graduate School and Counseling program need to complete the online Declaration of Intent to Pursue a Graduate Certificate form.  Formerly admitted students to the Graduate School and Counseling program who have not attended WSU in the last 2 years should first reactivate their student account before declaring their intent to pursue a Graduate Certificate. Because of changes in program requirements, periods of non-enrollment may result in the need to complete an application for readmission to the program. Contact the Graduate School at (316) 978- 3095 to determine if readmission is needed instead of reactivation.

Students who have not been previously admitted to the Counseling program and Graduate School will need to apply for admission.

Degree Requirements

Required Courses:

CESP 847 - Addictions Counseling (3)

CESP 848 - Crisis Counseling (3)

CESP 838 - Counseling Families in Crisis (3)

Depending on student interest, one 3-credit hour elective chosen from the following preapproved list:

CLES 750AC - Theories of Suicidology for Counselors (3)

CLES 750W - Psychopharmacology (3)

CLES 750M - Mindfulness in Counseling (3)

CESP 841 - Fundamentals of Play Therapy (3)

CESP 844 - Advanced Play Therapy (3)

CLES 812 - Counseling Student Athletes (3)

CLES 813 - Student Athlete Identity Development (3)

CLES 873 - College Student Development & the Campus Environment (3)

CLES 860 - Practicum in Clinical Mental Health Counseling (3)

SMGT 750N - Social & Psychology Foundations of Sport (3)

SCWK 611Q - Social Work in Sport


Substitutions/courses not listed here are not permitted for use for the Graduate Certificate.

Completion Requirements

A cumulative graduate GPA of 3.000 for all courses comprising the certificate program is required. No grades below a C (2.000) are allowed in certificate program courses.

Completion Process:

1. Student must notify the program area, in writing, of intent to complete the certificate, if it was not completed as part of admission.

2. In the semester the certificate requirements are met, students must:

a. With a graduate advisor, prepare and submit to the Graduate School a Plan of Study for the certificate

b. Submit to the Graduate School an application for the certificate along with a $25 filing fee.

Deadlines are no later than the 20th day of fall or spring semester or the 10th day of the summer term.