Barton School Centers, Institutes and Labs

Business Operations and Analytics Lab
BOAL helps manufacturing and service companies apply proven tools and techniques to improve the efficiency and quality of its operation's function. The focus is on improving the processes used to conduct business regardless of the product or service being provided. The lab can also help companies build decision making models using analytics to gain a new competitive advantage.

Center for Economic Development and Business Research
The Center for Economic Development and Business Research (CEDBR) engages in business and economic research for a wide variety of clients in both private and public sectors. The center collects, analyzes, and disseminates information to support activities of government, education, business, and economic development organizations.

Center for Economic Education
The Center for Economic Education works with K-12 education to improve the teaching of economic concepts in primary and secondary schools. The Center offers courses for pre-service teachers at WSU who want to become social studies teachers, offers both credit and non-credit workshops for in-service teachers, and provides consulting services to school administrators in the south-central area.

Center for International Business Advancement  (World Trade Council of Wichita
The Center for International Business Advancement works closely with the World Trade Council of Wichita to enhance international business in Wichita, benefitting both students and the local business community. CIBA sponsors an active chapter of AIESEC, and along with the World Trade Council, sponsors very popular monthly meetings that bring trade officials from other countries to Wichita.

Center for Management Development
The Center for Management Development (CMD) offers noncredit management development seminars to Wichita and the surrounding area. The CMD seminars and workshops have been acclaimed for their usefulness to practicing business people and other professionals in a wide variety of organizations.

Center for Real Estate
The Center for Real Estate was established in 2000 to promote high-quality education and research on a wide variety of topics related to real estate and land-use economics.

Institute for the Study of Economic Growth 
The Institute for the Study of Economic Growth (ISEG) was established in 2018 to advance the teaching, research, and application of innovative and entrepreneurial activities in a free enterprise economy to enhance societal prosperity through economic growth.