The MBA with Business Data Management concentration is designed to provide graduate students with knowledge and skills to effectively analyze large amounts of corporate data and information to support decision making and business performance management. This concentration aims to supplement MBA core courses that discuss how managers and executives make their decisions in different business functions. To make such decisions, it is imperative that managers have the skills and knowledge to acquire appropriate information and transform it to actionable tactics and strategies.

Applications of business data management include but are not limited to:

  • Modeling the impact of advertising on sales
  • Predicting stock returns based on historical data
  • Differentiating among customers based on credit risk
  • Optimizing customer loyalty programs and inventor

The concentration will train mangers to develop and maintain a culture of evidence- and fact-based decision-making in the organization. The curriculum also aims to bridge the knowledge gaps between IT and non-IT workforces.

Required courses

  • ACCT 801- Managerial Accounting*
  • ECON 704 - Behavioral Economics & Management Decisions (should be taken within first year)*
  • MIS 750 - Business Intelligence & Analytics*
  • MKT 801 - Marketing Management*
  • MIS 884 - Database Planning and Management*

* In addition to core courses