Graduate tuition and fees at Wichita State for MBA classes in Academic Year 2020 are $456.94 per credit hour for Regular MBA classes for residents, non-residents, and international students. Please note, this does not include books.

Estimated cost breakdown

For example purposes, here is a breakdown of typical costs for students in the MBA program, including fees. Please note, these costs are just shown as an example and may differ for individual students. 

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Total Program Costs (36 hours program)

Tuition & Fees = $ 16,449.84 / 12 classes (based on no pre-requisites or preparatory courses required)
Books = $ 200.00 per class (approximately) / 12 classes = $ 2,400.00
Total = $ 18,849.84

Total Program Costs (45 or 51 hours program)

Note: Estimate based on 45 credit hours

Tuition = $ 20,562.3 / 15 classes (based on the need for all pre-requisites and preparatory courses)
Books = $ 200.00 per class (approximately) / 15 classes = $ 3,000.00
Total = $ 23,562.3

Financial Aid

Master’s students are eligible for federal student aid.  Click the link below to learn more and apply.

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