Degree Planning

The MBA degree ranges from 36 to 51 hours, depending on the student's background. Typically a student with a bachelor's degree in business will need to take 36 credit hours of the MBA coursework. Students without an undergraduate degree in business may need up to 51 credit hours to complete their MBA degree. Up to 12 graduate credits can be transferred in from an AACSB accredited program. The program can be completed in as little as 12 months. 



The prerequisite course should be taken at the undergraduate level if equivalent course in statistics have not been completed already.

  • ECON 231 - Statistics*

* Subject to waiver

Preparatory courses

The preparatory courses are intended to provide a foundation of business knowledge prior to beginning the MBA courses. For students who have not had undergraduate business classes, these 1.5 credit hour versions will help prepare you for graduate study in business. Having taken undergraduate versions of these courses usually results in a waiver of these courses.

Course number  Course name Credit hours
MBA 802 Fundamentals of Accounting* (Undergraduate equivalencies: Accounting 210 / Financial Accounting and Accounting 220 / Managerial Accounting) 1.5 credit hours
MBA 803 Fundamentals of Finance* (Undergraduate equivalent: Finance 340 / Financial Management I) 1.5 credit hours
MBA 804 Marketing Basics* (Undergraduate equivalent: Marketing 300 / Intro to Marketing) 1.5 credit hours
MBA 805 Management Basics* (Undergraduate equivalent: Management 360 / Principles of Management 1.5 credit hours
Econ 811 Analysis of Macro-Economic Theory* (Undergraduate equivalencies: Economics 201 / Principles of Macroeconomics) 1.5 credit hours
Econ 812 Analysis of Micro-Economics Theory* (Undergraduate equivalencies: Economics 202 / Principles of Microeconomics)  1.5 credit hours

*Subject to waiver if appropriate equivalencies have been met


In-person and Online Curriculum:

An individual program outline will be developed for each student admitted into the MBA program. Students can apply to either the online or hybrid in-person MBA program. Information on the curriculum for each is outlined below.