Documents and Reports 2016-2017

Uniscope Article (pdf) - discussed in Senate meeting 4.25.16

Uniscope Model (matrix) (pdf) - approved by Senate 5.9.16

SEM Plan for 2016-2020 (pdf) - discussed in Senate meeting 9.12.16

SEM (Strategic Enrollment Management) Rollout Handouts (pdf) - discussed in Senate meeting 9.12.16

Military Leave of Absence Policy 9.12.16 (PET approved 9.16.16)

Recommendation Regarding the Grievance Pool (11.14.16)

Recommendation on Expanding Senate Membership (11.14.16)

Presentation notes from John Tomblin on Innovation Campus (11.14.16)

Timeline for Implementation of Agreement with National Foundation for the Blind (11.14.16)

Applied Learning Proposal Form - presented by Cindy Claycomb (11.28.16)
Applied Learning Powerpoint slides and FAQs

Statement of Support for Diversity - approved by Senate 12.12.16
Link to Sunflower article on SGA call for a 'Sanctuary Campus' (12.2.16)

Climate Survey Results - Presented by Jean Griffith (12.12.16)

Weapons Policy Documents (updated 11.14.16)

Shared Governance Document (draft) (1.23.17)

KU University Senate resolution Objecting to Allowing Concealed Weapons (passed 12.1.16)

Breakdown of employee types (1.27.17)

Revised Senate Membership (passed in General Faculty mtg) (1.27.17)

Conceal and Carry Resolution (approved 2.13.17)

First Year Seminar Report (2.27.17)

First Year Seminar survey data (2.27.17)

First Year Seminar writing rubric data (2.27.17)

Proposed Bachelor of Applied Arts (approved by Senate 3.13.17)

Online Learning Report from Mark Pocaro (3.13.17)

WATC/WSU Affiliation Document to be presented to HLC > provided for Faculty Feedback (3.27.17)
Weblink to all of the supporting documents

Adjuncts (3.27.17)

Tobacco Free Campus Roll Out Timeline (provided 4.24.17)

Teaching Advancement Proposal (approved by Senate 4.24.17 > PET)

Submission page for Budget / Revenue Ideas > Public Forum to discuss the Submissions (WSU Idea Generator)

Teaching Evaluation Statement (reviewed 5.8.17)

Revised Graduate Faculty Proposal (overview) (as presented by Dean Livesay 5/8/17)

Military Leave Authorization Form (posted 9.14.17)