Minutes of the Wichita State University Faculty Senate
Monday, 3:30 pm, May 13, 2013; CH 126

Members Present: Baker, Barut, Bergman, Brooks, Bryant, Celestin. Close, Decker, deSilva, Horn, Hull, Kagdi, Klunder, Lewis, Matveyeva, Moore-Jansen, Mosack, Oare, Pulaski, Rillema, Rokosz, Ross, Yildirim
Members Absent: Alexander, Anderson, Besthorn, Hamdeh, Liu, Lu, Miller, Mukeerjee, M. Smith, Solomey, Toops
Members Excused: Jacobs, Johnson, Kreinath, Yeager
Summary of Action
1. Accepted the Committee Annual Reports from:
General Education
University Admissions and Exceptions
2. Tabled the proposal from Academic Affairs regarding duplication of hours for majors/minors

I. Call to Order – President Ross called the meeting to order at 3:30 pm

II. Informal statements and proposals - President Ross recognized those senators that were finishing their term on the Senate and thanked Senators deSilva, Pulaski, Jacobs, Toops, Solomey, Mukerjee, Besthorn adn M. Smith for their service.

III. Approval of Minutes - The minutes of the May 6 Faculty Senate meeting were approved.
IV. President’s Report President Ross recognized the members of the Senate Executive Committee and thanked them for their service and cooperation during the year, and presented the following recap of the 2012-2013 Senate year:
A. The Executive Committee conducted an evaluation of a proposal from the College of Engineering Senior Faculty Group to reorganize the mechanical engineering and bio-engineering programs within the college. The committee submitted its recommendation to the President, Provost, the chairs of the two departments and the chair of the CoE Senior Faculty Group in January.
B. The Faculty Affairs Committee completed the Wichita State University Post Tenure Review Policy and Procedure and it was approved by the full Faculty Senate and submitted to the Provost’s Office in March.
C. WSU President Bardo requested the Faculty Senate’s nominations for the Vice President of Academic Affairs Search Committee. The Senate selected the ten faculty members for that committee.
D. Revisions of University Policies and Procedures Section 5.06 Resolution of Internal Disputes were completed by the Rules Committee, approved by the Faculty Senate and submitted to the Provost.
E. Senate President Ross worked with Vice President Herrin, President Bardo and the members of the WSU Executive Team to allow most faculty members to “spread” their nine month salaries over twelve months. This will be available starting with the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2013.
F. The Faculty Senate was given the authority to provide the ten faculty members of the WSU Strategic Planning Committee (SPC). The SPC submitted its final report to President Bardo in April.
G. The Senate approved the revisions to the General Education Program proposed by the General Education Committee.
H. Senate approved recommendations from the Academic Affairs Committee regarding the University’s Repeat Policy and received a recommendation from the committee regarding the duplication of credit between multiple majors and minors.
I.. At the conclusion of his summary remarks, President Ross expressed his gratitude to the Senate for its support and said that it had been his privilege to serve as this year’s president.

V. Committee Reports: Standing Committee Annual Reports:
A. Senator Mehmet, chair of the University Admissions and Exceptions Committee, presented the following summary of committee activities for the year. The committee met 12 times for greater than 36 hours of meeting time. During that time the committee reviewed more than 800 student petitions since August, and will meet three more times this summer. The committee reviewed and commented on a proposal from representatives from the Provost’s Office regarding a “hybrid” grading system for the WSU 101 course.
The proposal was later changed to replace the proposed hybrid grading system with the introduction of a new section of WSU 101 with Credit/No Credit grading scheme that will be open to those who are admitted by the Exceptions committee and are required to take it. The committee supported the proposal as changed. The Senate accepted the report from the University Admissions and Exceptions Committee.
B. Senator Mosack, chair of the Rules Committee, gave the following brief updates of two important issues addressed by the Rule Committee this year. Two grievance cases were heard this year and the report of the two Grievance Committees have been submitted to the Provost. The committee’s review and modifications of Policy and Procedures Section 5.06 have been completed and submitted to the Provost’s office, which has forwarded to The Office of the University’s General Counsel. The Senate accepted the report from the Riles Committee.
C. Senator Rillema gave a brief overview of the activities of the General Education Committee. The central focus of the committee’s work this year has been General Education assessment. The Senate accepted the report from the General Education Committee.
The website http://webs.wichita.edu/?u=facultysenate&p=/2013comannualrpt/ contains the annual reports of all of the Faculty Senate standing committees.

VI. Old Business
Second reading of a proposal from Academic Affairs Committee: The Senate heard the second reading of the proposal from the Academic Affairs Committee regarding duplication of hours between multiple majors and minors. At the conclusion of the last meeting of the senate, President Ross had urged several senators that had objections to several points of the proposal to transmit their objections in writing to committee chair , Senator Solomey, for the committee’s consideration. It was reported that these objections were submitted to the committee, but that the committee chose to stand by the original proposal of the first reading. Thus the proposal remained the same, and is repeated as follows for clarity:
The same hours can be used to meet the requirements of more than one major or
minor or combination thereof within the following conditions:
1. At least 12 hours of unduplicated coursework beyond the duplicated hours must be
completed in each major. This rule applies to second majors earned in the same
degree as well as to second degrees.
2. In minors requiring 15 hours or less, at least three hours of unduplicated coursework
must be completed in each minor.
Courses in the major include all courses beyond general education and college requirements
which are required to achieve that major; this would include courses in
subject areas outside the major subject area.
Colleges and/or departments may impose further restrictions on the use of duplicated
hours for their programs, majors and/or minors.
Double majors across colleges (DMAC), defined as a primary major in one of the
professional schools (Business, Education, Health Professions, Fine Arts, Engineering)
and secondary major in Liberal Arts and Sciences may continue to use duplicate
coursework without limitations.
No committee representative was in attendance at the meeting to clarify the committee’s action to dismiss the suggested changes to the document. Discussion of the proposal was intense and apparently very divided. Senator Hull called for the question and Sentor Rillema seconded. Senator Close made a point of order and asked for the determination of the presence of a quorum. An examination of the attendance indicated that 21 of 36 senators were present and thus a quorum was in attendance. The Question motion carried and the Senate voted on the motion from the Academic Affairs Committee. The motion failed and the proposal was returned to the Academic Affairs Committee for reconsideration by the the 2013-2014 Senate.

VII. New Business - None

VIII. As May Arise– Senator DeSilva spoke on behalf of the entire Senate and praised President Ross’s leadership and thanked him for his service to the Senate and the University during his presidency. All Senators present showed their agreement by spontaneous applause.

IX. Adjournment – the last meeting of the 2013-2014 Faculty Senate was adjourned at 4:15pm.
Submitted by Walter Horn