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Both a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) are offered in the areas of Dance, Musical Theatre & Theatre.

The BFA degrees require a minimum of 124 credit hours. The BA degrees require a minimum of 120 credit hours. See the WSU catalog for full requirements.

TRANSFER STUDENTS: Some theatre and dance classes are only offered every other year. In order to have the most efficient transfer plan, you should contact an academic advisor very early (a full year before transferring is not too soon) in order to optimize your completion plan with WSU.

Below you will more information about the degrees we offer & what you will study. 

Dance - Degree Sheets, Plans of Study & Contact Information

The degrees in Dance include dance performance and choreography. Dance major course offerings include study in ballet, modern, and jazz techniques; choreography, dance history, dance kinesiology, repertory, and methods of teaching.

Contact Information

Nick Johnson
Program Director of Dance
Nick Johnson  

Musical Theatre - Degree Sheets, Plans of Study & Contact Information

Housed in the School of Performing Arts, and in collaboration with the School of Music, we offer an intensive, interdisciplinary, performance-oriented major. Admittance into the program is by competitive auditions held twice a year. The program offers equal emphasis in music, theatre and dance skills. Career counseling and an understanding of the business is emphasized. Students interested in music theatre as a profession will gain the training and techniques needed to succeed in this demanding and competitive career.

 Checksheetplan of study

 ChecksheetPlan of study

Contact Information

Amy Baker
Program Director of Musical Theatre
Amy Baker

Theatre - Degree Sheets, Plans of Study & Contact Information

We offers a broad academic program, balanced by the extensive production schedule of the university theatre—Main Stage and Second Stage, as well as offerings in acting for the camera and voice. The Design & Technical Theatre degree offers hands on experience with lighting, stagecraft, costuming, and theatrical makeup.


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More Information about Stage Management

Advancement in a Theatre Career requires powerful tools!

The Undergraduate Certificate in Stage Management at Wichita State University is one of those tools. The program’s goal is to help you recognize and fulfill your role as a passionate artistic collaborator and an effective organizational manager in the production process. Through this program you develop a deep commitment to the artistic process and a fundamental desire to serve the work of the theatre in an environment where you can take artistic risks. As student Stage Managers you will utilize the full resources of WSU’s School of Performing Arts Production program to expand your professional managerial skills as well as deepen your artistic experiences.

Our student stage managers have frequently gone on to professional careers in the field. Much of the success these students have achieved is due to the unique experience they have in the SPA Production Program:

• They work with a variety of professional directors and designers.
• They have opportunities to manage productions in Classical Theatre, Musical Theatre, Opera Theatre and Dance Theatre.
• They are allowed significant responsibility and autonomy
managing productions in their charge.

Class Progression

Certificate Students participate in a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum that consists of a balanced combination of courses. Classes provide a range of knowledge and experience in Management, Sociology and Theatre, as well as practical training essential to the Stage Management professional. They will be assigned to stage management positions on School productions that reflect increasing responsibilities throughout the 15 credit hour plan of study.

THEA 180C - Thea. Mgmt. Pract. 1 cr. hr.

THEA 272 - Stage Management - 3 cr.hrs.

SOC 350 - Social Interaction - 3 cr.hrs.
(may also be used in GenEd area – see advisor for details)

THEA 380C - Theatre Practicum - 1
Earned in conjunction with assignment as Assistant Stage Manager on Mainstage.

MGMT 360 - Principles of Mgmt - 3 cr.hrs
(course is through the Barton School Business-see advisor for details on enrolling)

THEA 375C - Directed Projects 1-3 cr.hrs. Earned in conjunction with assignment as Stage Manager on 2nd Stage.

THEA 675C - Directed Study - 1-3 cr.hrs. Earned in conjunction with assignment as Stage Manager on Main Stage.

Classes required by the Certificate Program are taken in combination with the student’s General Education and Major Studies Classes. The Certificate is open to all students of Wichita State University however, preference in selection of stage manager positions is given to School of Performing Arts majors.

Contact Information

Danette Baker
Interim Program Director of Theatre
Danette Baker

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