Degrees & Study Plans

Both a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) are offered in the areas of Dance, Musical Theatre & Theatre.

The BFA/BA degrees require a minimum of 120 credit hours. See the WSU catalog for full requirements.

TRANSFER STUDENTS: Some theatre and dance classes are only offered every other year. In order to have the most efficient transfer plan, you should contact an academic advisor very early (a full year before transferring is not too soon) in order to optimize your completion plan with WSU.



The degrees in Dance include dance performance and choreography. Dance major course offerings include study in ballet, modern, and jazz techniques; choreography, dance history, dance kinesiology, repertory, and methods of teaching.

Sabrina Vasquez
Program Director of Dance
Sabrina Vasquez

2022-2023 Check Sheets & Plans of Study

Musical Theatre

Housed in the School of Performing Arts, and in collaboration with the School of Music, we offer an intensive, interdisciplinary, performance-oriented major. Admittance into the program is by competitive auditions held twice a year. The program offers equal emphasis in music, theatre and dance skills. Career counseling and an understanding of the business is emphasized. Students interested in music theatre as a profession will gain the training and techniques needed to succeed in this demanding and competitive career.

Amy Baker Schwiethale
Program Director of Musical Theatre
Amy Baker Schwiethale

2022-2023 Check Sheets & Plans of Study


The Theatre program includes studies in the areas of theatre, camera and audio arts enhanced with creative hands-on learning opportunities. The BA is geared toward students with a wide variety of talents and interests who wish to design their own path to the future. It provides opportunities for students who want to create a flexible study of theatre arts and other areas of interest. The BFA degree is for students who want to focus on the professions of Design & Theatre Technology or Acting. The BFA degree starts with a strong foundation in all areas of theatre, then moves on to specialized study in Design & Technical Theatre (costuming, lighting, scenic, stagecraft, stage management) or Performance (acting, movement, voiceover, camera acting, stage combat). Both the BA and BFA include courses in career development.

Bret Jones
Interim-Program Director of Theatre

Sarah Bussard
Program Director of Design & Technical Theatre