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Fine Arts

Creativity, imagination

Course Number Course Title
ARTE 303 Stimulating Creative Behavior
ARTH 103 Art Appreciation
ARTH 125A Introduction to Visual and Material Culture: Play
ARTH 125B Introduction to Visual and Material Culture: Bodies
ARTH 125C Introduction to Visual and Material Culture: Power and Propaganda
ARTH 346 Modernisms I
ARTH 347 Themes in Contemporary Art and Design I
ARTH 387 Theories of Art and Culture
ARTS 270 Introduction to Ceramics
DANC 140 Art of The Dance
DANC 225 Dance History: Ancient Civilization to Early 1900s
DANC 325 Dance History: 20th and 21st Centuries
FA 110 Introduction to the Fine Arts
FA 301 An Introduction to Entrepreneurship in the Arts
FA 321 Avant-Garde Art, Film, Rock Music and Subcultures
MUSC 113 Music in Context
MUSC 160 What to Listen for in Music
MUSC 162 World Music
MUSC 334 History of Music I
MUSC 335 History of Music II
MUSC 346 Styles of Jazz
THEA 143 The Art of the Theater
THEA 221 Oral Interpretation
THEA 241 Improvisation and Theatre Games
THEA 243 Acting I
THEA 260 History of Musical Theatre
THEA 385 Theatre as a Mirror of Today's America
THEA 516 Scriptwriting I
THEA 517 Scriptwriting II
THEA 624 Theatre History II

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Life of the mind, human experience

Course Number Course Title
COMM 190 Introduction to Human Communication
COMM 221 Oral Interpretation
COMM 302 Interpersonal Communication
COMM 312 Nonverbal Communication
COMM 313 Argumentation and Advocacy
COMM 321 Introduction to Film Studies
COMM 335 International and Intercultural Communication
COMM 430 Communication Research and Inquiry
COMM 535 Communication Analysis and Criticism
COMM 631 Historical and Theoretical Issues in Communication
ENGL 152 Language of Food
ENGL 230 Exploring Literature
ENGL 232I Crime, Mystery and Detection
ENGL 232K Images of Insanity
ENGL 232Q The Midwestern Identity
ENGL 232R Horror and the Supernatural
ENGL 232T Hip-Hop and Culture
ENGL 241 Jane Austen and Popular Culture
ENGL 252 Modern American Writers
ENGL 273 Science Fiction
ENGL 276 The Literature of Sports
ENGL 277 The Detective Story
ENGL 278 Literary Representations of LGBTQ + Culture
ENGL 285 Introduction to Creative Writing
ENGL 310 Nature of Poetry
ENGL 315 Introduction to English Linguistics
ENGL 320 The Nature of Drama
ENGL 323 World Literature
ENGL 330 The Nature of Fiction
ENGL 340 Shakespeare
ENGL 343 Great Plains Literature
ENGL 360 Major British Writers I
ENGL 361 Major British Writers II
ENGL 362 Major American Writers I
ENGL 363 Major American Writers II
ENGL 365 African-American Literature
ENGL 377 Graphic Novels
ENGL 378 Technologies of the Book
ENGL 379 Storytelling, Video Games, and Literature
ENGL 517 Scriptwriting I
ENGL 518 Scriptwriting II
ENGL 579 Introduction to Digital Humanities
FREN 210 Intermediate French
FREN 210H Intermediate French Honors
FREN 223 Intermediate French Readings I
FREN 223H Intermediate French Readings I Honors
FREN 300 Intermediate French Readings II
FREN 300H Intermediate French Readings II Honors
GERM 210 Intermediate German I
GERM 224 Intermediate German II
GERM 300 Intermediate German Readings
HIST 100 The Human Adventure: World Civilization Since 1500
HIST 101 World Civilization to 1500
HIST 102 History of Western Civilization Since 1648
HIST 131 History of the United States: Colonial to 1865
HIST 132 History of the United States Since 1865
HIST 306 The U.S. Century: Decades of Change
HIST 314 English History
HIST 317 The Holocaust
HIST 320 Russian History Survey
HIST 321 The Vietnam Conflict
HIST 330 The Americans: Conflict and Consensus in the Development of American Society and Culture
HIST 333 Ethnic America 20th Century
HIST 340 World War II
HIST 501 American Colonies
HIST 502 American Revolution and the Early Republic
HIST 503 Age of Jefferson & Jackson
HIST 504 Civil War
HIST 505 The United States, 1865 to 1920
HIST 508 United States Since 1945
HIST 511 Women in Early America, 1600-1830
HIST 512 Women and Reform in America, 1830-Present
HIST 513 History of United States and the Modern Middle East
HIST 517 Constitutional History of the United States
HIST 517H Constitutional History of the United States Honors
HIST 518 Constitutional History of the United States
HIST 518H Constitutional History of the United States Honors
HIST 522 Diplomatic History of the United States Since 1900
HIST 525 American Military History
HIST 528 History of Wichita
HIST 531 American Environmental History
HIST 535 History of Kansas
HIST 536 Survey of American Indian History
HIST 541 Modern France
HIST 566 Medieval History 500-1200
HIST 567 Medieval History 1200-1500
HIST 575 Italian Renaissance
HIST 576 The Reformations: From Heresies to Diversity
HIST 581 Europe 1789-1870
HIST 582 Europe 1871-1945
HIST 588 History of Early Russia
HIST 589 History of Imperial Russia
HIST 592 History of Soviet Union
HIST 593 Former Soviet Union
HNRS 105G War: Strategic Studies
HNRS 305J Minds and Machines
HNRS 305R Philosophy of Space Exploration
HNRS 305S American Law and Film
HNRS 305T The Invention of Latin America
HNRS 305U The Power of Storytelling
HNRS 305V Language and Community
HNRS 305W Women in Tech: Historical, Social and Philosophical Perspectives
HNRS 351 Survey of Leadership
HNRS 352 Survey of Law & Public Policy
HNRS 405E The Calamitous 14th Century
HNRS 405F Walling the Self: Dwelling and Identity in Early Lit
HNRS 405G After the Fall: The Search for Identity from Classical to Modern Literature
LASI 300 Global Issues
LATN 223 Intermediate Latin
LING 151 Nature of Language
LING 152 Language of Food
LING 315 Introduction to English Linguistics
PHIL 100 Meaning of Philosophy
PHIL 100H Meaning of Philosophy Honors
PHIL 105 Critical Reasoning
PHIL 125 Introductory Logic
PHIL 125H Introductory Logic Honors
PHIL 144 Moral Issues
PHIL 300 Science and the Modern World
PHIL 300H Science and the Modern World Honors
PHIL 302 Values & the Modern World
PHIL 305 Analytic Philosophy
PHIL 306 Business Ethics
PHIL 311 Philosophy of Law
PHIL 311H Philosophy of Law Honors
PHIL 313 Political Philosophy
PHIL 327 Bioethics
PHIL 331 Ancient Greek Philosophy
PHIL 338 Philosophy of Feminism
PHIL 341 Contemporary Ethics
PHIL 342 History of Ethics
PHIL 346 Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 354 Ethics and Computers
PHIL 360 Ethical Theory
PHIL 361 Metaethics
PHIL 365 Survey of Asian Philosophy
PHIL 385 Engineering Ethics
PHIL 530 Ethics of Space Exploration
PHIL 577 Philosophy of The Arts
REL 110 Old Testament
REL 115 New Testament
REL 327 Magic, Witchcraft and Religion
REL 420 Women and the Bible
REL 576 The Reformations: From Heresies to Diversity
SPAN 210 Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 223 Selected Spanish Readings
SPAN 223H Selected Spanish Readings Honors
SPAN 300 Intermediate Spanish Readings
WOMS 190 Diverse Women in Popular Culture
WOMS 287 Women in Society: Social Issues
WOMS 306 Introduction to Gender Studies
WOMS 316 Men and Masculinities
WOMS 338 Philosophy of Feminism
WOMS 361 Gender, Work and Culture
WOMS 365 Gender and Digital Culture
WOMS 385 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Studies
WOMS 387 Women in Society: Cultural Images
WOMS 389 Gender, Science and Technology
WOMS 391 Women's Global Issues
WOMS 392 Gender and Popular Music
WOMS 399 Asian American Women and Men
WOMS 420 Women and the Bible
WOMS 513 Issues and Perspectives on African Women and Globalism
WOMS 516 Sociology of Gender
WOMS 534 Psychology of Women
WOMS 541 Women, Children and Poverty
WOMS 571 Contemporary Issues and Perspectives: LGBTQ
WOMS 588 Gender, Race and the West/East Divide

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Social and Behavioral Sciences

Human behavior, development, organization

Course Number Course Title
AGE 404 Psychology of Aging
AGE 405 Sociology of Aging
AGE 512 Diversity and Aging
ANTH 102 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 103 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 200 Intercultural Relations
ANTH 303 World Cultures
ANTH 305 World Archaeology
ANTH 318 Psychological Anthropology
ANTH 327 Magic, Witchcraft and Religion
ANTH 335 Archaeology of North America
ANTH 344 Ecological Anthropology
ANTH 352 Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 416 Archaeology of Sex and Gender
ANTH 555 Paleoanthropology and Human Paleontology
ARTS 211 Introduction to Community and Social Practice
ARTS 211H Introduction to Community and Social Practice Honors
ARTS 312 Community Arts Engagement
ARTS 312H Community Arts Engagement Honors
ARTS 322 Video, Sound and Performance
ARTS 324 Art and Social Media
CESP 334 Introduction to Diversity: Human Growth and Development
CJ 191 Introduction to Criminal Justice
CJ 315 Criminal Law
CJ 351 The Victim in Criminal Justice
CJ 355 Special Populations in the Criminal Justice System
CJ 394 Courts & Judicial Systems
CJ 513 Violent Crime
CJ 518 Criminal Justice and Crime in Film
CJ 593 Crime Causation and Criminal Justice Policy
CJ 652 Juvenile Justice and Social Policy
COMM 130 Communication and Society
ECON 201 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECON 201H Principles of Macroeconomics Honors
ECON 202 Principles of Microeconomics
ENTR 310 The Entrepreneurial Experience
ENTR 440 New Venture Feasibility Analysis
ETHS 100 Introduction to Ethnic Studies
ETHS 360 Dealing with Diversity
ETHS 399 Asian American Women and Men
ETHS 512 Diversity and Aging
GEOG 125 Principles of Human Geography
GEOG 210 Introduction to World Geography
GEOG 530 Geography of Latin America
GEOG 542 Geography of Europe
HNRS 106AB Parks, People and Place: Exploring Our National Parks
HNRS 152F Leadership Challenge
HNRS 306G Alternative Break: Service Leadership
HNRS 406B Leading for Change in an Unpredictable World
HNRS 406C Making Social Impact
HNRS 406D Service Learning: Namibia HIV/AIDS and Food Security Service
HP 310 Introduction to the U.S. Health Services System
HP 326 Emerging Health Care Issues of the 21st Century
HP 408 Leadership in Self and Society
HP 408H Leadership in Self and Society Honors
IB 333 International Business
ID 300 Design Thinking & Innovation
ID 301 Leadership is Essential Seminar
POLS 121 American Politics
POLS 121H American Politics Honors
POLS 220 Introduction to International Relations
POLS 226 Comparative Politics
POLS 305 Environmental Politics
POLS 310 Latin American Politics
POLS 315 The Presidency
POLS 315H The Presidency Honors
POLS 316 Legislative Politics
POLS 319 State Government
POLS 320 Developing World
POLS 336 International Organizations
POLS 337 Conflict Analysis
POLS 337H Conflict Analysis Honors
POLS 352 Law and Political Power
POLS 352H Law and Political Power Honors
POLS 356 Civil Liberties
POLS 356H Civil Liberties Honors
POLS 380 Parties and Elections
POLS 380H Parties and Elections Honors
POLS 385 Democracy and Authoritarianism
POLS 390F Lobbyists and Interest Groups
POLS 390G Presidential Nominations
POLS 391L Democracy and Authoritarianism
POLS 391P Public Opinion and Political Psychology
POLS 391R Space Politics
POLS 395 U.S. Foreign Policy
PSY 111 General Psychology
PSY 111H General Psychology Honors
PSY 320 Biological Psychology
PSY 321 Psychology of Learning
PSY 322 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 323 Social Psychology
PSY 323H Social Psychology Honors
PSY 324 Psychology of Personality
PSY 324H Psychology of Personality Honors
PSY 325 Developmental Psychology
PSY 404 Psychology of Aging
PSY 406 Introduction to Community Psychology
PSY 409 Psychology of Perception
PSY 410 Substance Use & Abuse
PSY 413 Leadership in Self and Society
PSY 413H Leadership in Self and Society Honors
PSY 414 Child Psychology
PSY 416 Psychology and Problems of Society
PSY 534 Psychology of Women
SCWK 201 Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare
SCWK 304 Social Diversity and Ethics
SCWK 385 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Studies
SCWK 541 Women, Children and Poverty
SCWK 571 Contemporary Issues and Perspectives: LGBTQ
SOC 111 Introduction to Sociology
SOC 306 Introduction to Gender Studies
SOC 315 Marriage and Families
SOC 316 Men and Masculinities
SOC 319 Sociology of Sexualities
SOC 320 Contemporary Social Problems
SOC 322 Deviant Behavior
SOC 325 Parenting
SOC 326 Sociology of Race & Ethnicity
SOC 330 Social Inequality
SOC 332 Media Through a Sociological Lens
SOC 337 Young Women's Health
SOC 338 Health & Lifestyle
SOC 346 Sociology of Globalization
SOC 350 Social Interaction
SOC 405 Sociology of Aging
SOC 515 Family Diversity
SOC 516 Sociology of Gender
SOC 528 Schools and Society
SOC 534 Urban Sociology
SOC 538 Medical Sociology
SOC 539 Juvenile Delinquency

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Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Discovery, patterns, observing nature

Course Number Course Title
ANTH 101 Biological Anthropology
ANTH 356 Human Variability and Adaptation
ANTH 356H Human Variability and Adaptation Honors
BIOL 106 The Human Organism
BIOL 107 The Human Organism Laboratory
BIOL 210 General Biology I
BIOL 211 General Biology II
BIOL 220 Introduction to Microbiology
BIOL 223 Human Anatomy and Physiology
BIOL 309 Foundations of Human Heredity
BIOL 309H Foundations of Human Heredity Honors
BIOL 310 Human Reproduction: Issues and Perspectives
BIOL 360 How Evolution Explains the Living World
BIOL 370 Introductory Environmental Science
CHEM 103 Introductory General, Organic and Biochemistry
CHEM 211 General Chemistry I
CHEM 212 General Chemistry II
CHEM 514 Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 523 Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 531 Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 545 Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 661 Principles of Biochemistry
GEOG 235 Meteorology
GEOL 102 Earth Science and the Environment
GEOL 111 General Geology
GEOL 200 Introduction to Environment and Sustainability
GEOL 235 Meteorology
GEOL 300 Energy, Resources and Environment
GEOL 302 Earth and Space Sciences
GEOL 310 Oceanography
GEOL 312 Historical Geology
GEOL 570 Biogeology
GEOL 574C Micropaleontology
HNRS 153B The Dynamic Universe
HNRS 153T Big Bang, Black Holes, the Fate of the Universe
HNRS 307C Aviation and Spaceflight Physiology
HP 105 Introduction to Public Health
HP 330 Cancer: Perspectives and Controversies
HP 430 Impact of Disease Upon Global Events
HS 290 Foundational Human Anatomy and Physiology
MATH 144 Business Calculus
MATH 242 Calculus I
MATH 242H Calculus I Honors
MATH 243 Calculus II
MATH 243H Calculus II Honors
MATH 344 Calculus III
MATH 344H Calculus III Honors
MATH 531 Introduction to the History of Mathematics
MATH 531H Introduction to the History of Mathematics Honors
PC 105 Introduction to Computers and Applications
PHYS 111 Introductory Physics
PHYS 131 Physics for Health Sciences
PHYS 195 Introduction to Modern Astronomy
PHYS 210 Physics of Sound
PHYS 213 General College Physics I
PHYS 214 General College Physics II
PHYS 313 Physics for Scientists I
PHYS 314 Physics for Scientists II
PHYS 315 University Physics Lab I
PHYS 316 University Physics Lab II
PHYS 395 Solar System Astronomy
STAT 370 Elementary Statistics
STAT 460 Elementary Probability and Mathematical Statistics
STAT 571 Statistical Methods I
STAT 572 Statistical Methods II
STAT 576 Applied Nonparametric Statistical Methods

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First-Year Seminar Courses: Fall Semester

Course Number Course Title
WSUA 102D Cross Cultural Communication
WSUA 102E World Cultures in Popular Media
WSUA 102F Cooking Communities: Food and Culture in the Hispanic World
WSUA 102G Latinos in the US and the Midwest
WSUA 102J Fundamentals of Diversity
WSUA 102M History of Rock and Roll
WSUA 102O Career, Life and the Humanities Geek!
WSUA 102P Imagining Climate Change
WSUA 102Q Criminalistic Methods: What Would Sherlock Holmes Do?
WSUA 102T This Is Us, Who Are You? Family in Modern America
WSUA 102U Building a Sustainable Planet
WSUB 102B The Business of You
WSUE 102C Community Connection: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
WSUD 102A Superheroes Go To School
WSUD 102B Race and Ethnicity in Modern America
WSUD 102C Creativity and Problem Solving
WSUD 102D Finding Fitness, Fun and Food
WSUD 102E Monsters in Movies: Disability in the Horror Genre
WSUE 102A Introduction to Technology and Innovation
WSUE 102B Innovations of World War II
WSUF 102A Music Really Does Make You Smarter
WSUF 102C Seminar in Creativity and Play: Yes, Really!
WSUH 102A Food, Culture, and Privilege
WSUH 102B Leadership and Self Discovery
WSUN 102A Election 2020
WSUN 102C Creative Discovery
WSUN 102  
WSUN 102D Discovering Humanity
WSUN 102E Me and My Place in the World

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