Admissions - Fall 2021

  • The application deadline for the Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene program is the first Friday in December.
  • The application will be available on our website after Sept. 1.
  • Four clinical observation hours are required for the 2022 application cycle for students starting the program in Fall 2023.
  • Letters of recommendation are not considered as part of the criteria for acceptance in the program.
Requirements for Admission

Requirements for Admission

  1. Full admission to WSU by the 1st Friday of November
  2. If you have not already submitted all Official transcripts to WSU, you to send Official transcripts from all other schools attended, including WSU-Tech to
  3. Completion of Dental Hygiene Application by 1st Friday in December
  4. Official transcripts with fall semester final grades must be send to the by the 1st Friday in January.
  5. Overall GPA of 2.75 and WSU GPA of 2.00 or higher
  6. No grade lower than a grade that generates 2.00 credit points per credit hour in any of the specified required courses.
  7. Prerequisites completed by the end of the spring semester prior to starting the dental hygiene program
  8. Chemistry, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Microbiology and Nutrition courses should be no more than 10 years old. Pharmacology courses should be no more than 5 years old.
  9. No more than 6 credit hours of general education or elective courses may be left to complete at the start of the dental hygiene program and must be completed in the summer semester of the program.
  10. Selected applicants will be invited to and required to attend an on-site interview with program faculty in late February.
  11. Applicants must meet Academic and Technical Standards.
  12. Accepted applicants, at their own expense, must pass a background check prior to beginning the program.
  13. Although not required for admission, you are required to have a social security number to apply for licensure in the state of Kansas.
Dental Hygiene Application Instructions Entry Level

Dental Hygiene Application and Instructions

  • Apply for admissions to WSU to complete DH application at (DUE: First Friday in November)
  • If you have not already submitted all Official transcripts to WSU, you need to send official transcripts of all previous schools, including WSU Tech, to (DUE: First Friday in November)
  • Complete Dental Hygiene Application (DUE: First Friday in December)
    • Applicants will not be able to submit their application if any information or required uploads are missing. If you are receiving an error message, make sure to check that everything needed is filled out and/or uploaded.
    • It will be helpful to have the following items available when you begin the application:
      1. A copy of all your college coursework to enter course information
      2. OBSERVATION FORM completed and ready to upload as a PDF in the application.
      3. Foreign Language Verification- If fluent in Spanish or an Asian language, you will be asked to provide verification from a foreign language fluency testing service (such as Language Testing International,, a college or university international office official, or a college or university foreign language faculty member.
    • Applicants may review the entire application prior to submitting.
    • Dental Hygiene applications can be deemed ineligible due to several reasons:
      1. Student is not admitted to WSU as a degree bound, active, undergraduate student at time of application. See for details on admission.
      2. Student does not meet minimum GPA, grade or prerequisite requirements
      3. Student fails to submit completed Dental Hygiene Application


Application Evaluation Criteria

Application Evaluation Criteria

The following areas are considered in the initial selection process:

  1. Cumulative GPA
  2. OBSERVATION FORM (quality of answers, spelling & grammar)
  3. Cultural diversity and hands-on patient care related work experience
  4. Previous degree earned and/or Dental Assistant Certification by end of fall semester of application period.
    • The initial selection process determines the top 72 selected for an interview.
    • All applicants are notified by e-mail of their interview status by the end of January.
    • Following interviews in middle to late February, scores are combined with the initial criteria scores to determine those conditionally accepted into the program and alternates.
Conditional Acceptance to Program

Conditional Acceptance to Program

The top 36 students will receive a letter of conditional acceptance by mail in late March. Those conditionally accepted will be required to:

  • Pay a $100 tuition deposit to confirm their space in the program, instructions will be provided in the conditional acceptance letter.
  • Complete Background Check by determined due date provided in the conditional acceptance letter. Instructions to access and complete a background check are provided in the conditional acceptance letter.
  • Submit official transcripts for spring courses taken outside of WSU.
  • Meet the following minimum academic requirements (WSU and transfer students):
    • Overall GPA of 2.75 or higher
    • WSU GPA (if applicable) of 2.00 or higher
    • Complete all prerequisite courses with a grade of C or better
    • Have no more than 6 credit hours of general education courses or electives left to complete during the dental hygiene program
  • Attend New Student Orientation in May. The date will be provided in conditional acceptance letter.
  • Complete requirements given at the New Student Orientation by provided due dates.

Failure to meet all the above conditions will result in forfeiture of your admission to the dental hygiene class.

All information and transcripts received become the property of the Dental Hygiene
department and cannot be sent elsewhere or returned. A new application is necessary each
year a candidate wants to be considered.

If an applicant rejects or cancels an offered position at any time prior to starting the program, the individual is required to reapply to be considered for admission at a future date.

Need additional information?

If you are a current undergraduate student at Wichita State, OR if you plan on taking courses at Wichita State, contact the College of Health Professions Student Advising Center with questions about:

  • What major is right for you
  • How to enroll in prerequisite courses
  • Transcript reviews
  • Course equivalency
  • Application process

CHP Advising Center


If you are not a current or prospective undergraduate student at Wichita State, please contact the Dental Hygiene department with questions.

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