The School of Nursing offers several nursing scholarships and fellowships to students admitted to or enrolled in a nursing program in the College of Health Professions (CHP) at Wichita State University (WSU).

Students applying for the departmental nursing scholarships must be admitted to the professional phase of the nursing program currently or be applying to one of the professional programs.

Nursing Scholarship Application (PDF)


Attention Pre-Nursing Students: Students enrolled as pre-nursing students are not eligible for the nursing scholarships, but can apply for CHP Continuing Student Scholarships accessible from
CHP Student Advising Services website.

For Undergraduate Students:

  • Alley, Gladys H. Scholarship in Nursing
  • Bolton, Orville and Margaret
  • Brookhouser, Vicky S. Scholarship
  • Fitzpatrick, Hermina Endowed Scholarship
  • Halstead, Helen Scholarship
  • Henderson Scholarship
  • Huntington, Patricia J. McNamara
  • Johnson Scholarship
  • Lantz, Mildred L. Scholarship in Nursing
  • Piper, Ola Osborn Scholarship
  • Riordan, Dr. Janice-Endowed Scholarship
  • Rodriguez Tennisen, Victoria Scholarship
  • Sanchez-Gietzen Scholarship
  • Schierling Nursing Scholarship
  • Shideler, Charles & Betty-Scholarship
  • Via Christi Endowed Scholarship
  • Webb, J Eleanor Endowed Scholarship
  • Wesley Foundation Nursing Scholarship
  • Whittaker, Regina L. Behring Endowed

For Only Students Enrolled in the Accelerated BSN Program:

  • Anderson, Bob & Darlene Accelerated Nursing Scholarship


For Graduate and Undergraduates Students:

  • Kruger, Dr. Susan Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Miles, Gene & Marie Endowed Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Rose, Paul Christopher & John Timothy Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Swan, Lois Fellowship
  • Wesley Women’s Assoc. Maternal-Child Nursing Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Zona Richardson Scholarship/Fellowship

For Graduate Students Only:

  • Anderson, Robert & Darlene Fellowship
  • Hadwin Graduate Nursing Fellowship
  • Rose, Ray Memorial Endowed Nursing Fellowship


General information about financial aid for students can be accessed at Wichita State University Office of Financial Aid website


pdficonNavy Medicine - Nurse Candidate Program (NCP) Nurse Corps

The Nurse Candidate Program (NCP) is a financial assistance program for students enrolled in a baccalaureate nursing program. Upon completion of degree requirements, the student must accept a commission as a Nurse Corps (NC) officer. Scholarships
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