Preceptor Information and Orientation

Welcome Preceptors! This Web page has been prepared to help orient you to the role of clinical precepting for Wichita State University School of Nursing, Graduate Programs. Thank you for the generous service you provide for our students. You are our most valuable resource.

Please take a moment to review the Preceptor Statement and complete or update and return the Preceptor Credentials Form to the specialization faculty member with whom you are working.

pdficonPreceptor Credentials Form

Preceptor Statement

Preceptors are practitioners who assist course responsible faculty and provide direct teaching to students appropriate to the course and program objectives. Preceptors for clinical specializations may include both advanced practice nurses (APRNs) and non-nurse practitioners (usually physicians).

Qualification requirements
Documentation of preceptor qualifications is maintained in the School of Nursing.

  • Each preceptor must be credentialed and state licensed to practice in his/her specialization. National certification is highly encouraged, although not required, in Kansas for APRN status.
  • Preceptors must have educational preparation and/or extensive practice experience appropriate to his/her supervisory responsibility.
  • Newly prepared preceptors must have at least one year of practice experience in the specialization.

Preceptor role at WSU
Orientation to the preceptor role including program requirements, expectations for oversight and evaluation of students, are provided for each specialization.

  • Ongoing contact between faculty members and preceptors is expected.
  • Student evaluation is the responsibility of the faculty, with input from the preceptor.
  • Experiences with preceptors are evaluated by students and faculty to enhance program development and student learning activities.

View the Adult/Gerontology NP Preceptor Orientation Video