Bachelor of Science in Nursing - Accelerated Option

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Accelerated degree program at Wichita State University offers Kansas' only accelerated nursing program at a state university. Wichita State's School of Nursing programs helps qualified students become qualified nurses in only 13 months.

Key Program Features
  • Receive degree sooner. The BSN-Accelerated option is a compressed program that can be completed in 13 months.
  • Earn professional qualification. Students completing this program are qualified for entry-level nursing positions in all healthcare settings as well as graduate-level study.
  • Receive national preparation. The BSN-Accelerated degree prepares students to take the national RN licensing exam and become registered nurses.
  • Receive full coursework and clinical experience. This program encompasses the same amount of coursework and clinical experience as our traditional program but in a compressed time frame.
Accelerated Admission Criteria

Accelerated Admission Criteria

  • Minimum criteria must be met in order to be admitted to the accelerated nursing program:
  • Fully admitted to Wichita State University at time of application
  • *Must be complete and on transcript at time of application
  • Meets one of the following score requirements:
    • TEAS minimum passing scores (See TEAS Test webpage)
    • ACT composite of 27 or higher
    • SAT composite of 1125 or higher
  • Minimum overall GPA of 3.00
  • If a student has taken coursework at WSU, their institution GPA must be a 2.00 or higher
  • No grade lower than a 2.0 in any pre-requisite course
  • 3.00 cumulative GPA in the following science courses
    • Chemistry*
    • Anatomy and Physiology*
    • Microbiology*
    • Pathophysiology
    • Clinical Pharmacology
  • All non-nursing requirements completed prior to starting the program.
  • Meet application deadline of February 1

Selection Rubric

GPA Total

  • Points in this criteria will be given by calculating your GPA Total multiplied by 10
    (e.g. 4.0x10; 3.0x10; 2.0x10).
  • With 40 maximum points allowed.

Science Grade

  • Points under the science criteria will be given by calculating the total of all three grade attempts.
  • Points are allocated according to grade assigned under each attempt.
    • Grade for 1st Attempt: A=10 pts.; B=7 pts.; C=0 pts.
    • Grade for 2nd Attempt: A=7 pts.; B=3 pts.; C=0 pts. 
    • Grade for First Attempt: A=3 pts.; B=0 pts.; C=0 pts. 
  • Points are awarded based on grades in Chemistry, Anatomy, and Physiology and Microbiology.
  • With 30 maximum points allowed.

Health Experience

  • Points are awarded on qualifying experience detailed in the application packet.
  • WIth 3 maximum points allowed.

Diversity Experience

  • Points are awarded on qualifying experience detailed in the application packet.
  • WIth 2 maximum points allowed.

Previous Bachelor's Degree

  • Applicants who already have a bachelor's degree will be awarded 2 points. 
  • Must have completed a bachelor's degree and must be printed on transcript at the time of application. 
  • Applicants who do not have a bachelor's degree will not be awarded any points.
  • With 2 maximum points allowed.

Typed Essay

  • Essay topic is "Why I want to be a nurse."
  • 250 words maximum
  • With 3 maximum points allowed.

Application Packet Accuracy

  • Points are awarded for application packet submission in the following areas
    • Correctly submitting application (1 pt.) 
    • Consistent use of proper grammar (0.5 pt.)
    • No spelling errors (0.5 pt.)
  • With 2 maximum points allowed.


Program FAQs