Administrator-in-Training (AIT)

The AIT is a practicum available to individuals with a bachelor's/master's degree, with course work or professional experience in aging programs or services, long-term care or senior living, management, and/or health care. This fulfills the practical experience requirement for licensure as a nursing home administrator in Kansas.

Key Program Features


The AIT practicum is available to:

  • Students who currently hold an advanced or bachelor degree;
  • Students pursuing a master's degree

Potential AIT students must have had coursework or professional experience in at least one of the following areas prior to AIT placement:

  • Aging programs or services
  • Long-term care or senior living
  • Management or leadership
  • Health care
Practicum Registration

The AIT practicum consists of a 480-clock-hour placement with a qualified nursing home administrator, which meets the practical experience required to become a licensed nursing home administrator in the state of Kansas. The 480 practicum hours can begin at any point during the year, but must be completed within one year. The AIT works with their site preceptor to establish a schedule. 

  • Graduate students pursuing the senior living management concentration in the Aging Studies program can also complete the AIT practicum for 3-credit-hours (AGE 660) as the culminating experience for the MA degree.
  • Nondegree-bound students who already hold a bachelor's degree and are interested in pursuing the AIT practicum as a non-degree seeking student can register online to complete the practicum through Wichita State University’s conference and community education office. The cost to register as a non-degree bound student is $700. Prospective non-degree seeking AITs are required to submit unofficial transcripts to confirm qualifications.
  • Students who do not hold a bachelor's degree should meet with their advisor and consider the undergraduate and accelerated program options in Public Health Sciences.

Historically it has been the responsibility of the student to locate and secure an appropriate practicum placement. Students work closely with the practicum coordinator to locate and secure appropriate practicum placement.

  • AIT students are not typically paid and WSU does not facilitate this process.
  • If an agency is willing to pay the student, the agreement would be between the student and the agency.
  • Prospective students may select from the KDADS approved preceptor directory provided or recommended by the practicum coordinator. Or prospective students may already have a qualified site secured.
  • Preceptors are required to be full-time, licensed administrators of record for 3 of the last 5 years, and have a preceptor approval number from KDADS.
Exam Information

Upon completion of the 480 clock-hour practicum, students are responsible for ensuring they follow examination requirements. The practicum coordinator does not provide examination or licensing assistance. 

The WSU AIT program meets the requirements of the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Health Occupations Credentialing. Students who complete this placement are in a position to pursue a career as a licensed nursing home administrator in the state of Kansas.