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Health Science

The Bachelor of Science in Health Science is a pre-professional degree providing the first step towards a career in the field of clinical healthcare. You will gain the skills necessary to think critically about health services delivery, population health assessment, human disease, patient communication and leadership while at the same time earning the prerequisites needed for the clinical program of your choice. The program provides excellent preparation for a variety professional and graduate degree programs. Health science differs from the basic sciences (i.e., biology, chemistry, physics) as those disciplines often explore topics unrelated to health.

Graduates go on to earn professional or graduate degrees in professions such as nursing, dental hygiene, medical laboratory science, physician assistant, physical therapy, occupational therapy, optometry, dentistry, medicine and other clinical health professions.



Build your Foundation

The curriculum allows for broad interdisciplinary education that encompasses foundational courses in natural sciences and social sciences, as well as application-based coursework in aging studies, public health and healthcare management. The Scientific Foundations Division in the College of Health Professions provides the building blocks to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities critical in developing the next generation of clinical health care providers. The distinctive curriculum merger of science and healthcare subject matter prepares you for a variety professional and graduate degree programs. 

The department provides unique student experiences encouraging you to become engaged in the broader campus and local community. Involvement with the HEALTH student organization provides opportunities to be involved in leadership efforts for health promotion and health policy change on campus. The required applied learning professional portfolio provides a structure to build experiential reflections and educational outcomes, both of which will provide you an edge as you prepare your clinical program application.

Curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Health Science is listed in the Wichita State University Undergraduate Catalog.
Program Highlights
  • Acquire health knowledge. Health science differs from the basic sciences (biology, chemistry, physics) because those disciplines often explore topics unrelated to health. Students will gain knowledge on health problems and health outcomes, providing broad interdisciplinary education that encompasses both natural science and behavioral science.
  • Flexible schedule. Courses in the health science program are offered online and in the evening. This allows students time for science courses typically offered during the day.
  • Prepare for clinical studies. Students who complete the Health Science program are prepared to continue to a clinical program in nursing, medical laboratory sciences, dental hygiene, medicine, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant, chiropractic, etc.
  • Caring professors. Compassionate, experienced and student focused faculty.
  • Scientific Foundations. Provides building blocks to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities critical to a career in clinical healthcare.
  • Applied Learning Portfolio. Professional development activities required to provide applied experiences beyond the classroom.
  • Departmental Honors. In-depth exploration of the research area of your choice, one-on-one faculty mentorship and collaboration in scholarly activities.
Student Spotlight
  • Dawna Raehpour, Sp 21, was awarded the Stanley Z. Koplik Memorial Scholarship, she credits PHS faculty with showing her a career path in health care.
  • Health Science students, Saniya Ahmed, Sp 21 and Dawna Raehpour, Sp 21,  participated in a video campaign focused on mask compliance on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Morgan Bretches, Fl 20, as part of her leadership class HP 408 Leadership in Self and Society, planned a virtual event focused on inspiring and empowering individuals with disabilities to pursue careers in medicine and science through a national organization called the American Physician Scientists Association (APSA).
  • Sarah Buie, Sp 22, triple major in health science, health management and psychology, was featured in the Derby Informer about her experience through the pandemic. 
  • Yuki To, future Health Science student, winner of the 2021 Lenora N McGregor Endowed Scholarship chose WSU because of the strong health science program and he diverse, tight-knit community at WSU.
  • Saniya Ahmend, Sp 21, was awarded the Phenomenal Women award by the Office of University and Inclusion. 
  • Health Science Capstone students worked with the Wichita LGBT Health Coalition on three projects to help identify and rate LGBTQ+ friendly health care providers, locate resources for LGBTQ+ older adults and train providers to work with LGBTQ+ patients. 
Clinical Programs

Students from the health science program go on to a variety of clinical education programs. Common programs include:

  • Nursing
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Medical Laboratory Science
  • Physician Assistant
  • Physical Therapy
  • Audiology
  • Medical School
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Chiropractic School
  • Optometry

  • Genetic Counseling
  • Veterinary School
  • Fall, spring or summer entry.
  • Complete is as little as 26 months!
  • Accommodates flexible study plans including full-time, part-time, with a combination of evening and online synchronous and asynchronous classes.
  • Minimum GPA for admission 2.00.
  • Acceptance Fee. A one- time acceptance fee of $50 will be assessed; the fee is collected by the Registrar's Office.
Alumni Spotlight
  • The Bachelor of Health Science prepared me with a broad understanding of the healthcare system and my specific role as a Physician Assistant. Billing, insurance and management classes have given me a solid understanding of the hospital functions. The undergraduate science classes prepared me for Physician Assistant school and provided foundational knowledge that I use daily. -- Physician Assistant, Spring 2015
  • Ultimately the Health Science degree helped me discover my passion for population health which inspired me to pursue higher education and obtain the role I have now. -- Data Management Analyst, Summer 2015
  • Morgan Bretches, Fl 20, started the Pre-Jays program at the KU School of Medicine - Wichita. The program is a unique partnership with WSU and KUSM-W, matching pre-med students at WSU with student ambassadors in the medical school.
  • Visit the Health Science Alumni Directory to view more alumni stories.
The Bachelor of Health Science prepared me with a broad understanding of the healthcare system and my specific role as a Physician Assistant.
Health Science Alumni
Spring 2015

Students in the News

Katie Dunlop
Learn more about the Cohen Enhancement Scholarship

Katie Dunlop: Cohen Enhancement Experience

Honors student Katie Dunlop recently completed a study-abroad program in Peru, partially funded by the Cohen Enhancement Scholarship. While in Peru, Katie took two courses, Medical Spanish and Community Health, and went on weekend excursions to Cusco, Iquitos, and Ica. Katie participated in this program to globally expand her medical knowledge, observe a foreign healthcare system, and practice speaking Spanish in a professional medical setting.

When asked about her Cohen Enhancement Scholarship experience, Katie said "I encourage people to apply for this scholarship, especially to study abroad. Studying abroad gave me a whole new perspective and helped me see the healthcare system in another country." 

Katilyn Cowen
Meet a Shocker Kaitlyn Cowen

Katilyn Cowen: Health Science Leadership Award 

Kaitlyn Cowen is graduating with degrees in both Health Management and Health Science, with minors in biology, psychology, public health, and aging studies. During her time at Wichita State, she has been involved in the Wichita Honors Events and Activities Team and as an officer for WSU’s astronomy club, Club Nova. She is also currently a student ambassador for the Prevention Services Advisory Board and a student assistant at Student Health Services. After graduation, she plans to pursue a Master of Public Health at John's Hopkins University with a concentration in epidemiology so that she can work in disease prevention.

Madeline Shonka
Meet a Shocker Madeline Shonka

Madeline Shonka: PHS Community Service Award 

Madeline Shonka was inspired by her life experience with chronic illness to create a non-profit organization, Co-Immunity Foundation, in August 2019. After participating in Wichita State's E-Launch program, Madeline changed her major from Nursing to Health Management. Co-Immunity connects and supports young adults with chronic illness. Madeline has been recognized as one of Wichita Business Journal's 5 under 25, and Innovator of the Year, as well as, Wichita State's Women for Women Innovation award, and Wichita Startup Week's Pitch Competition Winner. Madeline is incredibly thankful for her experience at Wichita State and looks forward to graduating with a degree in Health Management in the Spring of 2022. After graduation, she will continue her work with the chronic illness community building both Co-Immunity Foundation and Co-Immunity Technology Solutions. Go Shocks!

Erin McDonald
McDonald Tosses one Hitter Against Omaha

Erin McDonald: Health Management Leadership Award

Erin McDonald, is a senior at Wichita State from Norman Oklahoma. She is currently working towards her degree in Health Management as well as working towards her graduate degree in Health Administration through the dual enrollment program. She has always been interested in making an impact on the healthcare world, but knew that being a doctor was not for her. She wanted to impact people who are in and out of the healthcare system because she knows how hard that can be for people. Her future goals are to hold a leadership position in a hospital and be a part of the ever changing healthcare world and make an impact on others’ lives. What originally drew her to Wichita State was the softball team where she has played for 4 years and met some of the best and most genuine people but after she got here, she realized how special the Health management program was as well. She has been able to play to her highest level of softball while pursing the degree of her dreams.