Jon Peterson and Jacob O'Connnor, the team members of Play Card, holding the giant $10,000 in front of the "Stop, Collaborate, Innovate" mural.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2023 competition!

First Place: $10,000
Player Card - A business in the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) industry that connects college athletes with local companies for deals. We remove friction from the NIL deal process.

Second Place: $4,000
Female Engineering Matters - Triple B Support, is a medical device that targets the back, belly, and breast that will alleviate pain and discomfort to help pregnant people continue on with their daily tasks.

Third Place: $2,000
Optimum Wellness -
An Improved Psychiatric Restraint System For Stretcher Cot Use.

Fourth Place: $1,000
Vision Vest -
A tool that replaces sight with touch, allowing blind people to avoid objects, navigate hallways and identify what they are facing.

People's Choice:   $500
Vision Vest

It was an honor to be apart of the journey the teams of entrepreneurs took throughout the competition. We hope to be able to continue assisting them as they build their businesses!


2023 SNVC Winners

Students came together from varied backgrounds of study to compete in this year’s competition. The colleges they represented included:


College of Applied Studies

College of Engineering

College of Health Professions

College of Innovation & Design

W. Frank Barton School of Business

Over the course of the three-round competition, the number of teams was narrowed from forty-one to four winning teams. Throughout the competition, competitors received feedback from the industry professionals, experts, and entrepreneurs who acted as judges.

We are proud to present the winners of this year’s Shocker New Venture Competition!

Player Card

1st Place, $10,000

Jacob O’Connor and Jon Peterson took note of changes in the NCAA legislation that allowed college athletes to profit from their Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) and found their opportunity to make their passion into a startup. As Jon said, “Jacob and I started Player Card because of our love of sports. Varsity sports and AAU leagues were a large part of our lives in high school. We didn’t choose to play in college; however, we knew we wanted to keep as involved as possible.”

Their startup, Player Card seeks to “remove friction from the process of working with college athletes and create mutually beneficial interactions between the two parties.” To do so, they handle many processes including “deal generation, to athlete matching, schedule coordination, event facilitation, content creation, and athlete payment.”

Player Card is currently operating in Wichita. It is here Jacob and Jon have been able to test and refine their product, and they are now looking to expand their operations to Manhattan to capitalize off the recent good season their teams have experienced.

"The advice I would offer to someone looking to start a business or compete in the competition is to just start. A lot of people get held up with “I need this or that and then I’ll start my business;” it’s often an excuse we tell ourselves because we’re scared/timid to take the first steps. There are low-cost ways to start your venture, you may just need to get creative. When you start taking action towards your business, good things will happen, and the right people will come along."
- Jacob O’Connor

Female Engineering Matters

2nd Place, $4,000

Rahmah Alsukayr, Rosa Chicas, Karen Duong, Jessica Gorton, and Angelica Perez “all personally related to one another as women, especially, as minorities who are still underrepresented in the Engineering community.” It was through this connection they were inspired to create the team Female Engineering Matters and to tackle an issue within women’s health: reducing lower back pain during pregnancy.

To address the problem they identified, they developed a product: Triple B Support. It is a wearable support system that alleviates “aches presented in the lower back, support the weight of the belly, and provide comfort for sore breasts.”

“You can truly do anything if you set your mind to it. When our team first formed, we were all clueless and had zero idea what we wanted to do, how to solve any problems or strive for our goals. If it’s scary and nerve wrecking, then you are in the right place.”
- Karen Duong

Optimum Wellness

3rd Place, $2,000

Vision Vest

4th Place, $1,000
People’s Choice Award, $500

The curious nature of Grant Johnson, Jun Chang Teoh, and Keenan Nguyen left them "always needing to question ‘Why?’ and ‘How can it be better?’” Their curious nature led them to investigate how blind individuals navigate and to question the available options.

Vision Vest was developed as the team researched and interviewed blind individuals. Their product offers a radically different means of navigation to the traditional walking stick. They used haptic sensors placed within a vest to “empower those that are blind to navigate, avoid objects, and identify those objects” without directly touching them.

The team is still working to refine their prototype.

“The Shocker New Venture Competition allowed us to view our product through the lens of a business and be asked questions that we would have never thought of on our own. Ultimately the answers to these questions are what makes or breaks a successful business.”
- Grant Johnson

  • Female Engineering sets up their booth
  • Volunteers hand the judges what  they need and provide assistance at the trade show
  • PlayerCard team members present to judges at the Trade Show.
  • Volunteers hand the judges what  they need and provide assistance at the trade show
  • A member of Vision Vest presents their business idea at the trade show
  • Three judges write notes as a competitor presents at the trade show
  • Student judges stop by Test Key's booth.
  • A volunteer assembles the decoration in Devlin Hall's Lobby
  • A crowd gathers in the Devlin Hall Auditorium to watch the finals.
  • Female Engineering team members stand in front of their slides presenting.
  • A member of Player Card presents to the judges of the finals
  • Two members of Vision Vest work together to present their prototype.
  • A judge uses her notes to gesture as she asks a question
  • Two members of Optimum Wellness demonstrate their proototype.
  • A crowd gathers in the Devlin Hall Widget to find out who won
  • Nancy and Troy unveil the giant check to a crowd
  • Player Card team members pose with the giant check.
2022 SNVC Winners

The team members of eurdite hold the giant check as they pose with the finals judges.

Erudite Adaptations

1st Place, $10,000

Their new venture is an adjustable cranial band that is used to treat infant cranial deformities. Their device will be sold to treatment centers all across America.

Artificial Motion

2nd Place,  $4,000
People's Choice, $500

Novel system for a prosthetic socket that actively compensates for heat buildup and volume fluctuation within the residual limb.

Agri-Tour 360

3rd Place: $2,000

Building the bridge between consumers and producers.


4th Place, $1,000

3D Printed Casts with healing Technology