Women for Women Innovation Award

Since the creation of the Women for Women Innovation Fund in 2020, the fund has been awarded to women, who possessed innovative ideas they wanted to make into businesses. We are excited to have supported these women as they developed their businesses, and we look forward to supporting others!

Read below for the ways the award impacted these women and their businesses.

Fall 2022 Recipients


Chinelo Ogogor against a leafy background

Chinelo Ogogor

Is working to reduce surgical site infections that occur during c-sections performed on marginalized groups.

The team behind XX Menstrual Monitoring standing in front of a blue background.

Anna Brake, Alana Cahill, Nina Daruwala, Logyn Johnson, Bri Pfeifer

Intends to provide menstruating individuals a more reliable means of predicting periods through continual hormone monitoring.


Spring 2022 Recipients


Sierra Bonn against a pink background.

Sierra Bonn

Aims to spread awareness of women in the STEAM field.

Brittany Wojciechowski, Amulya Lomte, and Maria Jose Carrillo Munoz posed together in front of Ablah Library.

Brittany Wojciechowski, Amulya Lomte, and Maria Jose Carrillo Munoz

Endeavors to advance their customizable and sustainable breast prosthesis.


Fall 2021 Recipients


Devon Creasman posed on the Cliton Hall's painted stairs.

Devon Creasman

Strives to help connect local businesses with more consumers.

Madeline Shonka posed on a rooftop with city scape behind her.

Madeline Shonka

Is determined to help people suffering from chronic illnesses with CoVstat.


Spring 2021 Recipients


Angelique Bann posed on the sairs leading up to Clinton Hall

Angelique Bahn

Desires to create a sustainable retail fashion boutique.

Michele Valadez in front of a grey back ground

Michele Valadez

Wants to help people in the event of a car crash with 360 Car Cam.