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Online International Student Information

Our university thrives on the diversity of our students. Online learning is a great option that may fit the needs of our international students.We highly suggest students work closely with the Office of International Education regarding the process to apply and study online.

Undergraduate applicant deadlines differ depending on the term the student is applying for and the service level students want to pay for.  The Office of International Education provides different service options and prices. Students who aren't in a hurry pay the smallest application fee whereas students who want the fastest possible service with DHL shipping pay the highest amount. 
Undergraduate Deadlines
Graduate applicants have two deadlines they have to look at -- the deadline for the Graduate School and the deadline for the department.  The student's deadline is whichever deadline is earlier.
Graduate Deadline

Can students be enrolled in an online program or online classes from outside of the U.S.?  
In term of immigration regulations, any international student can enroll in an online program or online classes while living outside of the U.S.  Aside from immigration regulations, international students need to take notice of additional regulations they may need to follow. Any student (American or international) living in a sanctioned country (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, or Ukraine-Crimea region) may have restrictions on the program or classes they can study while in these countries. When in doubt, students should check with the Office of Research Compliance or reach out to Misha Jacob-Warren in the General Counsel's Office.  Some countries may also have laws that restrict universities from offering online coursework or programs in their countries. 

Can international students be enrolled in an online program code while living inside the U.S.? 
Students on F or J visa types cannot enroll in an online program while in the U.S.  Students on other visa types, however, do not have that restriction as long as the student's visa type permits study. 

Can international students be enrolled in an on-campus program but take online classes? 

Do all students outside of the United States need to go through the International Education Office? 


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