Welcome Online Learners

Who needs to complete Online Orientation?

All new WSU students must complete Online Orientation by November 1st. If you have not completed the Orientation program activities by that date, an Enrollment hold will be placed on your account, preventing you from enrolling in future semesters.

Please note: There is a $50 fee for orientation, and it must be completed by November 1, 2023. 

I am a returning WSU Student, do I need to complete Online Orientation?

Returning WSU students or those who have already completed an on-campus Orientation program are strongly encouraged to utilize these resources, as they do highlight the different needs and expectations of an online education.  However, the program is not required for students who have participated in a WSU Orientation program in the past.


How to Access & Complete Online Orientation

  1. Log into Blackboard with your WSU ID and password
  2. Within the navigation panel, select the "Organization" section* 
  3. Select the Online Learning link
  4. The Online Organization will open on the Start Here/Orientation Info page
  5. Scroll down and click on the "Online Student Orientation" link to launch the presentation
  6. Email your advisor once you have completed the orientation so your orientation hold can be removed

Blackboard Log In  Contact my advisor

*For TAP Students, please complete your online orientation through the Course section labeled "TAP Organization." The orientation is in the first module titled "New Student Online Orientation."

What is Blackboard?

Your classes will be completed online through the Blackboard learning platform. To access your courses, log into Blackboard and select the "Courses" section.

Here you will find your courses under the respective terms. By selecting the title of the course, it will take you to the course homepage which will contain announcements and course content that has been uploaded by your course instructor.

Start exploring your classes in the "Courses" tab.  If a course you are enrolled in does not appear in that section:

  1. Verify the dates of your course (some do not begin until the 2nd half of the semester)
  2. If the course still does not show by the first day of classes, please contact OneStop
Compatible Browsers: Blackboard is compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome. Other web browsers may cause issues in viewing course content.
Blackboard Mobile Learn App is only available for iPad users or Sprint Droid phone users that provide a touch-friendly interface to Blackboard courses.

Contact OneStop

Blackboard Organizations/Courses

On the left side of the navigation panel, you will find different sections, one of which is labeled "Organizations." As a fully online student, you will be able to access the "Online Learning" organization. This platform is designed to assist you in starting your online learning journey and provide you with general resources.

The courses section displays all courses the current student is enrolled in. Fully online students may also have access to additional courses that connect them with staff, faculty, and students within their major.

Navigating Online Tools in myWSU Portal

Once you log into your myWSU Portal, you will have access to view your classes, financial aid, email, and grades.

myWSU Portal Learn how to navigate myWSU Portal

Course Schedule
Within the myWSU portal, go to the myClasses tab. The myClasses tab provides access to course enrollment, schedules, grades, textbooks, and major requirements. Make sure to explore the following sections:
WSU Email
You are assigned a WSU email address when you are admitted to Wichita State. In the portal, click on the envelope icon labeled, "Stu Email." Please check this inbox often as this is where you will receive all WSU correspondence.
How to access your student email

Degree Works

View your required courses for your online program by following these steps:

  1. Log in to myWSU portal
  2. Select the myClasses tab
  3. Go to View My Degree Evaluation/Audit section
  4. Select Run My Degree Works Audit link
    • Clicking this link will take you to your degree audit.
    • To access your academic plan, if applicable, select the "Plans" tab from your Degree Works Audit.

To learn more, go to "View my Degree Evaluation/Audit" section, select link, "How to use Degree Works."

Degree Works FAQ


In your myWSU portal, on the myClasses tab, at the bottom right column of the page, you can view required textbooks by selecting the term and then entering the CRN numbers for each course you are enrolled in for that selected term. You can find the CRN numbers on your course schedule. Please note, renting textbooks is an option through the Shocker Store or through other companies online.

Shocker Store Online Textbooks

How to ask for help

Blackboard Support
Reach out to Blackboard Support if you are having technical issues within the Blackboard site. For example, if you have trouble viewing course material or files are not uploading properly, contact Blackboard Support. Please call them at (316) 978-7777. You can also create a work ticket online by going in the Support tab within the Blackboard site.
OneStop is where you can get information and answers to your questions 24/7 via the OneStop website. You can chat live or create a ticket by visiting wichita.edu/onestop. For in-person service visit Jardine Hall Room 112 or call us at 855-978-1787.
The WSU Technology Help Desk answers a wide range of technical questions about WSU Services. Contact them if you are experiencing issues with email, password, or login. You can call at (316) 978-4357, option 1.