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Summer classes at Wichita State are a great option whether you are a WSU student or from another college. With four sessions in online and remote formats, you can reduce your fall workload without giving up your summer. Enrolling now!

Why take Summer Classes?

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Reduce your fall courseload while staying on track to graduate.


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Flexible two-, four- and eight-week sessions and hundreds of courses.


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Be better prepared to graduate in four years and start your career sooner.


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You can use financial aid* to pay for classes — plus parking is free!

* Some exclusions apply; Go to the summer financial aid page for details.

For Summer 2020 we've expanded the number of course offerings to allow more students to benefit. Explore some of the options below.


Wichita State offers nearly 150 summer courses that satisfy WSU and Kansas Board of Regents Gen Ed requirements. Go to the summer course search engine and use the Attributes field to search for Gen Ed courses in your area of study.

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WSU's College of Applied Studies offers 110 courses for Summer 2020, including:

Sports, Stories & Film  (SMGT 750Q)

June 29-July 24

The purpose of this class is to provide students not only the tools necessary to understand storytelling for their career and/or sport organization, but also to illustrate how sport films can be educational, motivational, and awareness-raising resources. Students will learn the basic facets of narrative-building and how to deconstruct, critique, and deploy sport-based storytelling techniques to better connect with a variety of internal and external stakeholders.

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WSU's Barton School of Business offers 81 courses for Summer 2020, including:

International Business (IB 133)

June 1-27 or June 29-July 24

A comprehensive overview of the multifaceted issues in international business and globalization that impact all functional areas of business. Examines contemporary issues, perspectives and influences on American business, economy, government, labor, society, technology, public policy and competitiveness. Reviews international trade theories, foreign exchange, monetary systems, balance of payments, trade policies, trade agreements, global trading systems and foreign investment, including cultural diversity, human rights, ethics and social responsibility issues. Examines implications for small and large businesses, including case studies from Wichita firms engaged in international business. Course includes diversity content.

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WSU's College of Engineering offers 113 courses for Summer 2020, including:

Cybersecurity Awareness (ENGT 121)

June 1-July 27 

The ability to secure information and systems within a modern enterprise in this modern globalized environment is a growing challenge. Ever-present human threats are global, persistent and increasingly sophisticated. Natural threats are unpredictable but inevitable. Vulnerabilities continue to be discovered and exploited with devastating impact. This course is designed to familiarize users with information, cyberspace and security principles needed to understand these threats. It addresses a range of topics, including information infrastructures, social engineering, information system exploitation techniques, and countermeasures to the threats discussed.

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WSU's Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers 260 courses for Summer 2020, including:

Magic, Witchcraft and Religion (ANTH 327 or REL 327)

June 1-July 24

Online class examines various concepts concerning the realm of the supernatural as held by various peoples around the world. Relates such religious beliefs and the resultant practices to the larger patterns of cultural beliefs and behaviors.

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WSU's College of Fine Arts offers 59 courses for Summer 2020, including:

Principles of Video Production (MART 351)

June 29-July 24

Introduction to single-camera video production. Through in-class demonstrations, lectures, readings and hands-on projects, students begin learning skills and techniques of HD video field production and postproduction. Students work on their own projects (individually and in groups) producing, directing, shooting and editing projects.

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WSU's College of Health Professions offers 104 courses for Summer 2020, including:

Introduction to Public Health (HP 105)

June 1-July 24

General education math and natural sciences introductory course. An undergraduate introduction intended to develop an informed appreciation for the immense impact of public health on society. Topics include basic public health principles, philosophical foundations, key terms and concepts, historical contributions from the field, ethical bases, system organization, and an overview of the social, behavioral, environmental and biological factors that contribute to community health outcomes. Focuses on applying concepts to understanding local, state, national and global health problems in the 21st century.

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WSU's Cohen Honors College offers 5 courses for Summer 2020, including:

Costa Rica Sustainability (HNRS 398K)

Interdisciplinary travel seminar which allows a student travelling abroad to gain credit for the study of culture, art, literature, architecture, political, social, scientific and economic conditions while visiting historic places of interest. Students may enroll under the direction of the dean of the Cohen Honors College, a faculty member in any department, or as part of a travel experience organized through the Cohen Honors College. Prerequisite: permission of the Cohen Honors College.

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WSU's College of Innovation and Design offers 5 courses for Summer 2020, including:

Design Sprints (ID 508)

June 1-July 24

As a method to quickly solve big problems and test new ideas, design sprints are a very efficient ideation and problem solving process. Attendees learn the collaborative sprint process and how to use it to develop new products and services, and to solve complex problems. Course is ideal for students who intend to work in the tech, product or service development industries, are UX designers, are looking to grow their collaboration and team leadership skills, or intend to run their own business.

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