Summer classes at Wichita State are a great option whether you are a WSU student or from another college. With four- and eight-week sessions available, you can reduce your fall workload without giving up your summer. Enrollment begins soon!

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Reduce your fall courseload while staying on track to graduate.

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Flexible two-, four- and eight-week sessions and hundreds of courses.

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You can use financial aid* to pay for classes — plus parking is free!

* Some exclusions apply; Go to the summer financial aid page for details.

For Summer 2022 we've expanded the number of course offerings to allow more students to benefit. Explore some of the options below.


Wichita State offers hundreds of summer courses that satisfy WSU and Kansas Board of Regents Gen Ed requirements. Go to the summer course search engine and use the Attributes field to search for Gen Ed courses in your area of study.

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WSU's College of Applied Studies offers 143 courses for Summer 2023, including:

Business Analytics in Sport (SMGT 540)

June 5-July 28

Introduces students to foundational analytical concepts for sport businesses by partnering with a local sport or recreational organization for a summer long applied learning project.

Leading a Remote Workforce (EDUC 751E)

June 5-July 1

Supports developing leaders by learning about the psychological needs necessary to lead a workforce remotely. Students learn useful tools to better engage and motivate employees, how to manage autonomous working environments, and useful tools to maintain and/or increase professional productivity.

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WSU's Barton School of Business offers 78 courses for Summer 2023, including:

Marketing Analysis (MKT 803)

May 22-July 28

An application of the scientific method to the design and implementation of research procedures that support the need for management decision making, planning and strategy development in the marketplace. Prerequisite(s): MBA 801 or equivalent.

Principles of Real Estate (RE 310)

June 5-July 28

A broad and fun introduction to real estate markets and decision making for students of all backgrounds and career goals. Emphasizes how individuals and businesses interact with real estate on a daily basis. Topics cover legal and physical characteristics of real estate, zoning and other restrictions on land use, urban development and growth patterns, the real estate sales process, mortgage finance, appraisal, business location decisions, and the basics of real estate investment. (Note: non-Barton School students do not need special permission to enroll in this course.) Prerequisite(s): junior standing.

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WSU's College of Engineering offers 114 courses for Summer 2023, including:

Object-Oriented Programming (CS 311)

June 5-July 28 

Concepts of object-oriented programming. Covers data abstractions, classes and objects, methods, inheritance, polymorphism, dynamically-bound method calls and data encapsulation. Includes programming assignments in C++. Prerequisite(s): CS 211. Corequisite(s): CS 311L.

WSU's College of Engineering offers 120 courses for Summer 2023, including:

Data Structures (CS 400)

June 5-July 28 

Introduces basic data structures and covers their implementations using classes in C++. Includes lists, stacks, queues, binary trees and hash tables. Prerequisite(s): CS 311 with a C- grade or better. Corequisite(s): CS 400L.

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WSU's Fairmount College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers 253 courses for Summer 2023, including:

Feminism and Girl Culture (WOMS 382)

June 5-July 28

Focuses on the evolving area of feminist scholarship called "girls’ studies," and is informed by both the theory/criticism of the idea and the enactment of girlhood within the context of what has been understood as a subculture: girl culture. Girls' studies includes a focus on education, gender equity, psychological development socialization, identity formation, self-esteem, sexuality, political and social activism, and popular culture. Because popular culture greatly influences young girls’ processes of self-definition, students focus in large part on how media both shapes and reflects culture, and how current representations of female empowerment are attempting to navigate this supposed "postfeminist" age. Includes a film analysis component that makes it eligible for the film certificate requirement. Course includes diversity content.

Introduction to Film Studies (COMM 321)

June 5-July 28

General education humanities course. Emphasizes the nature and function of film as a mode of communication with attention to film theory and technical criticism. Selected films are shown in class.

History of Kansas (HIST 535)

June 5-July 1

General education humanities course. History of the Kansas region from Spanish exploration to the present, emphasizing the period after 1854.

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WSU's College of Fine Arts offers 39 courses for Summer 2023, including:

Avant-Garde Art, Film, Rock Music and Subcultures (FA 321)

June 5-July 1 or July 3-28

General education fine arts course. Exploration of 20th century avant-garde art and film movements and their influence on late 20th century popular music, visual culture, and countercultures and subcultures such as mod, glam, punk, hacker, goth, rave and others. Required attendance at art exhibitions, film screenings, lectures.

Theatre Appreciation (THEA 143)

June 5-July 28 or July 5-29

General education fine arts course. Introduction to the art of theatre emphasizing critical appreciation from the viewpoint of the audience. This course introduces the student to the various elements which create the theatrical art form and teaches how to critically evaluate theatrical events. This is a Kansas Systemwide Transfer Course.

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WSU's College of Health Professions offers 103 courses for Summer 2023, including:

Psychology of Aging (PHS 404)

June 5-July 28

General education social and behavioral sciences course. Cross-listed as PSY 404. Examines the issues surrounding the adult aging process. Includes personality and intellectual change, mental health of the elderly, and the psychological issues of extending human life. Emphasizes the strengths of the elderly and preventing the psychological problems of the elderly. Prerequisite(s): PSY 111.

Intro U.S. Health Care System (PHS 310)

May 22-June 3

General education math and natural sciences introductory course. An undergraduate introduction intended to develop an informed appreciation for the immense impact of public health on society. Topics include basic public health principles, philosophical foundations, key terms and concepts, historical contributions from the field, ethical bases, system organization, and an overview of the social, behavioral, environmental and biological factors that contribute to community health outcomes. Focuses on applying concepts to understanding local, state, national and global health problems in the 21st century.

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WSU's Honors College offers 8 courses for Summer 2023, including:

Making Social Impact (HNRS 406C)

June 5-July 28

General education social and behavioral sciences course. Explores the question of how to understand social forces and social change through qualitative research. Students majoring or minoring in social sciences meet together to discuss best practices in qualitative social sciences research, research expectations, ethical conduct, project management, APA writing style and research presentations. Guest lecturers from University Libraries, the institutional review board, and the Community Engagement Institute demonstrate the need of high-level skills for successful research and evaluation. Students are responsible for selecting a topic, gathering 15–20 academic journal articles, synthesizing the material, and writing a literature review. Students use the information gathered to design a qualitative research proposal and a poster presentation. Additional class meeting times may be scheduled by the instructor in consultation with student researchers. One-third of the grade is determined by participation in the class, including written assignments, presentations to the class, and other work. The remainder of the grade is based on the completed literature review and presentation. Course is meant to supplement, not replace, the research methods course found in social work and other social science majors and to engage students in conversation across fields of social scientific study. Open to honors students with a background in social sciences. Course may be used to fulfill the honors research or creative activity requirement. Contact the department of social work for permission to count this course toward major requirements. Prerequisite(s): permission of the Cohen Honors College.

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WSU's College of Innovation and Design offers 6 courses for Summer 2023, including:

Leadership Development for Innovation (ID 506)

June 5-July 28

Examines what makes or breaks a great leader, not just in companies, but in life. Studies the six “C’s” of leadership: character, charisma, commitment, competence, communication and courage, and how each one can enhance or take away from leadership ability. Intended for students with diverse interests and nontechnical backgrounds.

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Enrollment begins April 3!

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