Wichita State University’s badge program makes workforce training and continuing education accessible and affordable. Each badge is designed with the practicing professional in mind so coursework can be completed online and at your own pace.

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The Badge Advantage

Badges allow students to demonstrate to employers their knowledge, skills and competencies in a subject area. Think you don’t need college credit? Once full-time employment is attained, most people don’t ever want to take another college course again! (Trust us. We understand.) However, the truth is, to remain a desirable candidate in these highly competitive markets, any professional who seeks growth must continue learning new skills and technologies just to keep up with the needs of employers. Earning college credit through the WSU Badge Program will not only assure employers you are receiving top-notch instruction from highly qualified instructors, it also guarantees that you will always have access to the proof that you completed this education – your transcripts.


What are badges?

Badges are academic short courses of one credit hour or less that are designed for working professionals. They are online and self-paced. This makes workloads more manageable for someone who is already busy with a full-time job and family! 

How do they work?

Unlike other online non degree courses, badges are tied to credit hours and are subject to all Higher Learning Commission regional accreditation standards. Badge coursework is part of a student's permanent academic record and will appear in an official transcript. Licensed professionals may also earn contact hours toward relicensure as well as college credit. Courses are taught by experienced faculty who are subject matter experts. The unique structure of a badge course affords Wichita State the flexibility to work with employers to develop the curriculum of a badge course. This key distinction allows employers to know that the education received during a badge course is valuable and relevant. Badges are for non-degree seeking students only.

When badge coursework is completed, it will appear on your WSU transcript. Although traditional letter grades are not given for a badge, it will appear on a transcript either as a “BG” (for badge earned) or “NBG” (for no badge earned). Badges will not impact one’s GPA. Students who successfully complete a badge will receive a digital recognition of their accomplishment that they can share on social media and link to a digital resume. 

How do I get started?

To enroll in a badge course, you will first find the badge or badges you are interested in. View the badge catalog.

Then you will follow the enrollment instructions to apply and enroll.

After you have been enrolled, you are able to add the badge to your academic schedule and start your course

You can start the course up to the 60th day of the semester. All work must be completed by the last day of the semester. View the academic calendar. 

Have a question about badges or the enrollment process? Fill out our Badge Interest Form

For employers paying for their employees’ badge application and registration, follow these third party billing instructions.


Badge Categories


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