How to enroll in a badge:

Step 1: Find the badge course you want to take! View all badges

Step 2: Review the specific information for your badge. Be sure and note whether the badge is offered for undergraduate or graduate credit. Please note that badges are only offered for either undergraduate or graduate credit. They are not offered for both.

Step 3: Determine which of the following categories you fall into

Non-refundable application fee required for first-time university applicants.


Step 4:  When you receive (or locate) your email from the admissions staff, it will include your myWSU ID number. Follow the instructions for how to access your myWSU account at


Step 5: Log into your myWSU account. Select the tab, “myClasses.” Locate the section, “Registration Tools” and select “Student Registration (Banner 9).” Then select “Register/Drop/View My Schedule.”  You will need to select the appropriate term.  You will use the CRN number located on the badge page to add the badge to your schedule.


Step 6: Within your myWSU account, you will also access Blackboard (for assignments) and set up your University-provided email account. This email address will be used to send all future
WSU correspondence, including information about classes, tuition and fees, etc. 


Step 7: Once you are registered for a badge, go to the “myFinances” tab in your myWSU account. Select “Student Account Suite.” Choose payment option and proceed with payment.  If you are receiving a scholarship please allow several days for it to be posted to your account.  


Helpful Phone Numbers & Information

For questions about your myWSU ID and password, contact the Helpdesk at 316-978-4357 or
For questions about this badge or other badge courses, contact the WSU Workforce, Professional & Community Education Office or 316-978-3264.
For questions about undergraduate admissions, contact the Admissions Office at 316-978-3085 or
For questions about graduate admissions, contact the Graduate School at 316-978-3095 or
For questions about reactivation (applicable only to undergraduate badges), contact the Registrar’s Office at 316-978-3055

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