The Shocker Neighborhood Coalition is a WSU commitment to empower neighborhood businesses, nonprofits, churches and community organizations to work together to bring prosperity to the neighborhood and its residents.

A partnership for positive change

Shocker Neighborhood is both an identity and a geographic location. Shocker Neighborhood residents, people, businesses, and other entities are encouraged to be in close partnership with the university by engaging in mutually-beneficial growth and prosperity. While in service to all Kansans and beyond, the residents in Shocker Neighborhood have a special connection to the university.

The Shocker Neighborhood geographic area is bound by Interstate-35 on the west; Oliver on East; Kansas Highway-96 on the north; and Central on the south.

History of the Shocker Neighborhood Coalition
Shocker Neighborhood Map


University Village icon

University Village is a bold initiative to create a community destination of dining, entertainment and shopping to the immediate area surrounding the campus of Wichita State University.

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This program extends financial, academic and career support to future Shockers growing up in the Shocker Neighborhood area.

Our Partners

The Shocker Neighborhood Coalition works together to bring prosperity to the neighborhood and its residents. Any entity that subscribes to the desire to create an economically vibrant community that enjoys shared prosperity is a member.

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