Shocker Neighborhood is both an identity and a geographic location. The residents, the people, the businesses and other entities are encouraged to be in close partnership with the university.

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United Way Donations

  • In 2020, United Way-funded programs helped WSU employees more than 400 times.
  • The GIV Warehouse donated over $2000 worth of items to WSU departments. A little more than half being donated to the Shocker Support Locker.

Things to Do

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With Appreciation

The Public Policy and Management Center (PPMC) has been an active leader and participant with the Shocker Neighborhood Coalition.  The PPMC will continue to support this work as part of the Office of Strategic Engagement and Planning. We are excited to be able to continue working alongside the community and thank PPMC and many other partners on campus for the opportunity to work on the next phase of this engagement.  The Shocker Neighborhood Coalition geographic area is bound by Interstate-35 on the west; Oliver on East; Kansas Highway-96 on the north; and Central on the south.