Shocker Neighborhood Commitment

Academic Support

Students selected for the Shocker Neighborhood Commitment program participate one of these five programs to support their personal and academic success while pursuing their degrees at Wichita State.

PASS: Promoting Academic Student Success (PASS) is a program that facilitates the retention, academic success, holistic development and timely graduation of all underrepresented students at WSU, through academic support services, educational and cultural programming, interpersonal relationships and mentoring.

˜ WEB: WICHITA.EDU/PASS | P: (316) 978-3034

DISABILITY SUPPORT SERVICES:  TRIO Disability Support Services (DSS) assists 
first-generation and/or limited income undergraduate students who have learning, physical, and psychological disabilities. Among the services we provide are academic support and tutoring, access to adaptive computer equipment and other services that enable our students to persist and graduate from Wichita State University.

˜ WEB: WICHITA.EDU/DSS | P: (316) 978-5949

STUDENT SUPPORT SERVICES: Student Support Services (SSS) provides services to students from first-generation and limited income families as well as students with disabilities. Its goal is to help transition, retain and graduate disadvantaged college students. This provides a variety of academic support services that include individualized tutoring, success skill development, course planning and advising.

˜ WEB: WICHITA.EDU/SSS | P: (316) 978-3715

SPIRIT STRONG SCHOLARS: Spirit Strong is a year-long academic success program for freshmen College of Engineering majors who are first generation and have limited income. The program helps students transition to college and have a successful first year through scholarship support, academic success and professional development workshops, peer and professional mentoring, academic tutoring, and social events.


McNAIR SCHOLARS:  The McNair Scholars Program is designed to assist eligible students in preparation for graduate education, specifically doctoral studies. The Program offers research participation, scholarly experiences and preparation for graduate school. Students are encouraged to pursue graduate study in preparation for careers as college-level professors and researchers.

˜ WEB: WICHITA.EDU/MCNAIR | P: (316) 978-3139

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