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Public Policy and Management Center

The Public Policy and Management Center (PPMC) at Wichita State University advances public good by strengthening people, organizations and communities. The PPMC provides expertise and support in the following areas:



LaShonda Garnes with Fidelity Bank
What a journey! From a little girl playing on the south side of Chicago to leading in a variety of spaces in Wichita.
Recent events have left many of us wondering how we move forward as a country. Misty shares her commitment to be a part of the work in progress.
Pete Najera
Volunteering is in the DNA of every Kansan. When the pioneers were settling the Old West, they came together for a day of work, food and fellowship when it was time for a large project, like a barn-raising. Too large a project for any one person or any one family to accomplish, the community pitched in and got the job done, each according to his or her specific abilities.
Abigail Hammack
What is it like to work for the PPMC as a Graduate Assistant?

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