What We Do

Every community and organization is unique and the PPMC is dedicated to understanding the needs and nuances of each. Clients of the PPMC can expect to gain data-driven insight that makes their community better.

PPMC Services

  • Applied Research & Collaboration: Assisting decision-makers in evaluating the impact of programs and crafting innovative improvements to meet community and organizational needs.
  • Talent & Organizational Success: Helping organizations developing talent by advancing knowledge, skills and abilities through training, events and association management.
  • Access & Engagement: Improving public service by empowering individuals and groups to share their voices and affect positive change in their communities.

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Who We Are

The PPMC at Wichita State University is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works with the public and private sectors to conduct research, evaluation, training, and community development.

Our Purpose

Enhancing public service to best serve your community. 

Our Commitment

  1. Provide Unbiased Information: We are data driven. We believe good information helps you provide the best services to your community.
  2. Use Resources Wisely: We know financial and human resources are limited. We utilize resources to best serve your organization.
  3. Ensure Diverse Perspectives: We include a multitude of voices and sources. We believe diversity in all forms makes organizations and communities stronger.
  4. Elevate Community Service: We believe community service is critical work. We want you to be your best so our communities and our residents can thrive.
  5. Create Value: We ensure our work has a positive impact for your organization and your purpose.