Need Help Paying Your Remaining Balance?

Payment Options

If you need additional funds after applying for federal financial aid through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at, consider the following options for covering your remaining balance.

1. Enroll in a Payment Plan with WSU’s Accounts Receivable to make monthly payments

  • Via myWSU Portal—myFinances Tab—Student Account Suite—Enroll in a Payment Plan
  • Visit the WSU Accounts Receivable office (Financial Operations) in 201 Jardine Hall

2. Consider a Federal PLUS Loan

3. Look into a private student loan (if you have already exhausted all federal student loan opportunities)

Proactive Steps to Stretch Your Dollar

Get a part-time job to help make monthly payments

  • Visit the WSU Career Services office in Brennan III.

Research and apply for scholarships by the due date

Reduce your monthly expenses to free up cash in your budget

  • Rent a smaller apartment, get an additional roommate, live at home, cut out unnecessary expenses

Supplement your income

  • Tutor other students, sell unnecessary items around your house, sell baked goods, crafts, etc.

Implement creative money-saving strategies

  • Use coupons, pack your lunch, increase your car insurance deductible to reduce your insurance costs

Visit this website for money-saving strategies and budgeting tips