Housing Options

Shocker Hall is open to only first-year students and is located in the heart of Shocker Nation. 



The Suites is the newest of our three communities. This suite-style residence hall is only open to first-year students and is located directly next to the Flats.

Flats kitchen

The Flats is the Upperclassmen-only apartment complex located next to the new YMCA Wellness Center.

Flats pic

Housing Updates

Our application for the 2023-2024 Academic Year is open! For more information on how to apply visit our Apply for Housing page.

Our Room Selection season has begun, and you can find tutorial videos here. Don't know which week you are set to select your room? No problem! You can find it here!
Students should watch their MyWSU email for information regarding their room selection timeslot. One week before their timeslot opens, they will receive an email with an assigned time to login and complete the room selection and meal plan selection process.
Timeslots are simply the first point in time a student can login and start selecting their room, so if they are not available at their assigned time, they will be able to login at any point after the selection process is open for them. Timeslots will not be reassigned for scheduling conflicts.
For established roommate groups, the student with the first timeslot will be able to assign the entire group to the suite, and the other students simply login at their assigned time to accept or decline the assignment then move on through the rest of the process. Certain room types fill up quickly, so don't delay selecting your room!
If you have any questions about the Room Selection Process, call us at 316-978-3693 or email us at housing.wsu@wichita.edu