Shocker Hall: A home away from home for first-year students

Shocker Hall is a state-of-the-art residence hall that was built in 2014. It is located in the heart of the Wichita State campus and is home to more than 800 first-year residents. Shocker Hall offers a wide variety of room styles- from shared style to private rooms, there is a type of living space to fit everyone's needs! Shocker Hall is home to the Dorothy & Bill Cohen Honors College as well as all of university's Living Learning Communities. Shocker Dining and the Groundhouse are attached to the residence hall, making each meal quick and convenient for all Shocker Hall residents.

Residential Curriculum Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcomes for First-Year Residents
  1. Self-Discovery
    1. Residents will be able to explain 1 aspect of their personal identity
    2. Residents will be able compare 2 or more possible majors
    3. Residents will be able to recognize 3 areas of growth within themselves
  1. Life Skills
    1. Residents will be able to define what “clean” means to them and what aspects they are willing to compromise on
    2. Residents will be able recognize that conflict can be positive
    3. Residents will be able reflect on how their choices impact themselves
  1. Community Engagement
    1. Residents will be able to identify 4 campus resources
    2. Residents will be able to connect to at least 1 organization
    3. Residents will be able to visit at least two professors’ office hours per semester
  1. Global Citizenship
    1. Residents will be able to identify what it means to be civically engaged
    2. Residents will be able to compare their own perspective to at least 2 other perspectives
    3. Residents will be able to explore two aspects of a culture that is different than their own
Learning Outcomes for First-Year Residents in Living Learning Communities

Each Living Learning Community will have 2-3 additional learning outcomes for members of their LLC. For more information, contact the LLC Coordinator.

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360 Views around Shocker Hall

Image Gallery

  • Shocker Hall Courtyard
  • Exterior of Shocker Dining
  • Shocker Hall Information Desk
  • Shocker Hall Lounge/Kitchen/Laundry (LKL)
  • Shocker Hall Lofted Bed
  • Shocker Hall bunk bed
  • Shocker Hall Lofted Bed- High Height
  • Shocker Hall Triple
  • Shocker Hall room
  • Shocker Hall bathroom in a Double 2 Bed Shared Suite
  • Shocker Hall room
  • Common space in a Single 4 Bedroom Suite
  • Double 2 Bedroom Suite

Furniture Measurements:

Piece of Furniture Height Width Depth
Desk 22 inches 41.75 inches 24 inches
Dresser 22 inches 30 inches 29 inches
Twin XL Bed 20 inches from the floor to the bottom of the bed

38 inches wide

80 inches long

Desk Chair 19 inches (from floor to seat) N/A N/A

Shocker Hall also features...

  • A laundry room, large lounge and kitchen (LKL) on each floor
  • Additional smaller study rooms throughout the building
  • Information Desk
  • Pool, ping pong, and foosball tables
  • Shocker Dining Hall
  • GroundHouse coffee shop
  • Honors College on-site
  • Additional meeting space