How do I fill out my Housing application?

Visit your Shocker Housing Portal and select "Apply for Housing" on the Home tab!

Can I see a sample room?

WSU Undergraduate Admissions provides campus tours regularly that include tours of Shocker Hall and The Suites. We do not currently have tours of The Flats. To schedule a campus tour, please visit the Admissions webpage

Unfortunately, not every type of room is avaible to view throughout the year as they are occupied by current residents. Floorplans, pictures, and videos of various room types are available to view on the Campus Housing Options page.

How do I find a roommate?

Starting February 15, you can match with potential roommates through your housing application.

To find a roommate, you can use the keyword search function, for example your major, age, hobbies, religious affiliation, LLC group, etc.  If you have a specific person in mind, you can search by their name or screen name. You can be linked with up to 3 room or suitemates at a time.

Do I have to live on campus?

WSU does have a Live-on Requirement for all students. The policy is listed below:

  1. All first-year students, including undergraduate international students and Intensive English students (unless otherwise eligible for an exemption under provision two of this policy statement), must live in Shocker Hall, The Suites, or The Flats during their first two semesters at Wichita State University.
  2. First-year students who meet one or more of the following criteria are exempt from this policy:
    1. Twenty-one (21) years of age or older.
    2. Transferring 24 or more credit hours.
    3. Married & living with spouse.
    4. Dependent child living with you.
    5. Residing within Greek Housing (authorized by a national chapter recognized by WSU).
    6. Living with an approvable relative (parent/legal guardian, grandparent, aunt or uncle) within the greater Sedgwick County area.
      1. Greater Sedgwick County includes: Butler, Cowley, Harper, Harvey, Kingman, Reno, Sedgwick, and Sumner.
    7. Enrolled in less than 12 credit hours per semester (enrolled part-time).

Students who wish to live off campus (and do not live in Greater Sedgwick County) must complete a Housing Exemption request form. To complete this form, a student must log in to their myWSU portal, and select Campus Housing from the Student Tools box in the center of the screen. Next, select Forms & Resources at the top of the page to find the Exemption Request form. Fill out the rest of the request form as prompted. A Housing staff member will respond to your request within 3 business days.

*Regarding Greek Housing- This is a reason for exemption from the On-Campus Living Requirement, not a reason to have cancellation fees waived.

When is Move-In?

Move-In for the 2023-2024 Academic Year is scheduled for Saturday, August 12th and Sunday, August 13th from 9 AM - 5 PM. Students can move in during the week after as well. Students will need to select a time slot to move in to their building in the middle of June. Information will be sent to their student email with instructions to do so. Note: Students must be compliant with their meningitis ACYW vaccine or wavier form before they can select their move-in timeslot. Any questions about the meningitis vaccine requirements may be directed to Student Health on campus.  When the student arrives on campus to move in, they should go directly to the residence hall they will be living in. Our staff will be ready to meet the residents and families there!

I'm graduating at Winter Break (or leaving town for an internship in the Spring). What do I need to do about my Housing contract?

If you are graduating at the end of the Fall semester or moving due to an internship, just fill out your academic year housing application like normal, but then email us at to let usknow your plans and we can adjust your contract to reflect those changes. You will not incur cancellation fees as a result of graduation or internships, but if you stay past the Fall semester end date (usually mid-December), you may have nightly fees added to your student account.  If you have further questions, please email us at or call 316-978-3693.

How do I get a job working for Housing?

Housing and Residence Life has several student staff positions. Resident Assistants must live in the building and are responsible for a floor of residents. They serve as a community builder, resource, policy enforcer, and role model to the residents of the building. Office Assistants work at one or both of the Information Desks in the buildings, and within the Housing and Residence Life office performing administrative tasks as needed. Student Facilities Assistants work with our facilities team to complete custodial or maintenance tasks. Housing Ambassadors represent Housing at various events and on social media, letting everyone know how great it is to live on campus!

For more information on job openings and how to apply, visit the Handshake website administered by the Shocker Career Accelerator department for a listing of open positions.

What kind of parking permit do I need for Shocker Hall or The Flats?

If you would like to park in the surface lot at the Flats, you can purchase a student ePermit through your parking account online (link can be found on the top right corner of your MyWSU page). All you need for that lot is the student “green” ePermit, this permit allows residents to park in any Green or Green/Yellow striped lot on campus.   If you would like a spot in the underground garage at the Flats, that will cost an additional $100 per semester and you will need to go in person to the University Police Department station with cash or check to purchase that parking pass.

All residents can park in any Green or Green/Yellow striped lot on campus when they purchase a parking permit.

Do I have to have a meal plan?

All residents must have a meal plan. First-Year Residents in Shocker Hall and The Suites must purchase one of the three Unlimited Plans. Returning Residents living in The Flats may purchase any of the six residential meal plans. Exemptions are rarely granted as the Dining Services team has worked hard to provide a variety of meal options that meet all residents' dietary needs. Visit our Dining Services page for more information.

How do I pay for my housing and meal plan?

Your room and board are applied to your student account each semester. You can make payments on your Student Account Suite, which can be found in the MyFinances tab when you log into you MyWSU Account.

Your financial aid will be applied first to your tuition and fees and then will start to cover the rest of your balance, including your housing and meal plan balance. If you need to set up a payment plan to cover your costs, you can find more information here or by contacting Accounts Receivable.

I didn't use all of my meal plan money, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no.  Our Dining Service provider orders food in advance based on the number of students per semester that signed up for meal plans.  They have vendors that they use for their food purchases that need those numbers in advance as well.  They aren't able to issue refunds because the money has already been spent for the food prepared in anticipation of each student’s needs.  If you would like to bring down the cost of your meal plan, you can change your meal plan once per semester online through your housing portal, but the meal plan change form has to be submitted by the deadline, which is typically 1 week after classes start.

Does WSU have Gender Neutral Housing?

WSU Housing and Residence Life is committed to making each resident feel welcomed and included in our campus communities; including an environment welcoming to all gender identities and forms of gender expression.

Students who need special accommodation due to gender identity/expression should contact Housing and Residence Life either through the application process or by directly contacting our office. Click here for more information.

Are there any required immunizations for students to live in housing?

WSU requires all new on-campus housing residents to submit proof of vaccination against meningitis. To meet the vaccination requirement, you must have at least one dose of meningitis ACYW vaccine on or after your 16th birthday.

First-time residents of WSU residence halls can submit copies of their official vaccination records to any of the following:

- Upload a PDF to the myShockerhealth patient portal:

- In person to Student Health Services, located in the Steve Clark YMCA and Student Wellness Center

- Fax it to 316-978-4792

Please note, immunization data entered into the myShockerHealth portal by students is considered unverified until we have received documentation of your immunization records.

Waiver Option
There is a waiver option for those with medical, religious or other exemptions pertaining to immunizations. Please contact Student Health Services at, for information on how to request a waiver form.

What should I do if I need a special accommodation?

There is a space on the Housing application to notify our staff of any special accommodations you may be needing. That information will be kept confidential. The Housing and Residence Life staff will then reach out to you via phone or email if there is a need to gather any additional or clarifying information. Housing has ADA accessible rooms in each of its residence halls and will do everything it can to accommodate the needs of students.

We also reccommend that students contact the The Office of Student Accommodations on campus to see how they can best assist with any accommodations needed outside of Housing. From note-taking assistance to auxiliary aids, OSAT provides students, staff, faculty and guests with an assortment of accessibility services.

I am a WSU Tech student. Can I live on campus at WSU?

Students enrolled through WSU Tech are able to reside within university housing on WSU’s main campus. Once the student has received their WSU ID and password, they may begin completing the online housing portal. 

The Housing application and contract (app and contract are all one process) are located within a student's myWSU portal. When a student logs in, they will look under the Student Tools headline in the center column and select the Campus Housing link. Then, they will select the 2024-25 Academic Year Housing Application and complete all the open pages within that application.

All WSU Tech students living on campus will be required to sign up for the 'Shocker Student Experience'. By becoming a fee-paying member of Shocker Nation,  all of the benefits found on WSU’s campus are yours, including all the perks, fun, and support services.

For questions about the Shocker Experience Program, please email Abbi at

Where is the Housing Exemption form?

Students who wish to live off campus must complete a Housing Exemption request form. To complete this form, a student must log in to their myWSU portal, and select Campus Housing from the Student Tools box in the center of the screen. Next, select Manage My Forms at the top of the page and use the Form Selector to find the Exemption Request form. Fill out the rest of the request form as prompted. A Housing staff member will respond to your request within 3 business days.

I am a second-year student weighing my Housing options. What are my off-campus living options?

While you are certianly welcome to continue living on campus after your first year, there are many off-campus living accommodations for you.

Check out your options here!

How do I cancel my contract?

The contract cancelation form can be found in the Campus Housing portal within a student's myWSU account by selecting Campus Housing from the Student Tools box in the center of the screen. On the Home Tab, select Cancel My Application on the left side of the screen and make sure to select the correct term you wish to cancel. Fill out the form as prompted. For more information on canceling your contract, please read the Contract Cancellation webpage.