Getting Started

Watch this short video to better understand the room selection process. This page has additional information regarding common questions or concerns when going through room selection.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my timeslot to enter room selection?

You'll receive an email the week before your room timeslot opens. For returning students, LLC members, and gender inclusive housing members, room selection will begin on March 18. For all new students, room selection will begin April 15.

You will receive an email to your Shocker email address and your preferred email address. You can also see your timeslot if you've been given one on the homepage of your Shocker Housing portal.

What if I miss my timeslot?

If you miss your timeslot, don't worry! Your timeslot is just the opening for your place in line. After your timeslot has passed, you may access the room selection process at any point until you have made your room reservation.

How do I get the best timeslot?

Timeslots are created on a lottery basis. This means we generate the timeslots based on when you submitted your application. If you've submitted before any of our priority deadlines (see below) then your timeslot should be in that group.

Why can't I see the room that I want?

If you can't see a room that you want, there are multiple reason why it may not be showing up. The most common are:

  • Other students have already reserved that suite or room space
  • You do not match the mandatory profiles for a particular room space
  • A member of your roommate group may not have all the necessary mandatory profiles for a room space

If you have concerns, please contact the housing office directly at

How long will my tentative assignment last?

Your tentative assignment will change to reserved after you've entered the room selection process yourself and confirmed your assignment.

Tentative assignments must be confirmed within 1 week of your selection timeslot or after the booking has been made, whichever is later.  If you do not accept or decline your assignment, it will be removed from the system and the room will become available to other students. 

I have an ADA accommodation. How does room selection work for me?

On-campus residence hall accommodations are available for students with disabilities. Adapted housing space is limited and spaces are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is the responsibility of the student to register with the Office of Student Accommodations & Testing if special accommodations are needed when applying for housing. Students are encouraged to apply early and notify Housing and Residence Life about the accommodations request. 

Housing and Residence Life staff begins manually assigning rooms in mid-March when room selection starts. If you have requested and been approved, your room will be manually assigned in order to ensure your accommodation is met. Students have the ability to confirm or decline their assignment through their Shocker Housing portal application. If you have problems or concerns with your accommodation, please reach out to Housing and Residence life staff as soon as possible. 

If you are in a roommate group and receive an accommodation, we will attempt to place your roommate in the same suite or apartment. Please be aware that this is not always possible, and we will reach out if there are any issues with your assignment.

What if my roommate forgets to assign me a room?

The room selection prevents anyone from getting left behind. If your roommate is assigning your bedspace on your behalf, they are required to do so to move forward in the process and assign their own room. This will create the tentative assignment that you can then accept or decline. 

Why can I not join my friend's roommate group?

If you are having trouble finding or viewing a friend's profile to add them to your roommate group (or join theirs), it might mean that they have already picked their room. You cannot join a roommate group after someone has a reserved booking. If you wanted to be roommates, and ensure you get a space together, your friend would need to request to cancel their current booking with Housing and Residence Life staff. There is no guarentee that you wuold be able to book back into the same room space. 

Why do I only see unlimited meal plans?

You are required to pick an Unlimited meal plan if you are living in either the Suites or Shocker Hall. If you are a returner and would like to live in any of our available rooms in the Suites, you will be required to have an unlimited meal plan. If you've already selected and confirmed a room in the Suites, but do not want an unlimited meal plan, please contact our office so we may remove your booking and have you reenter room selection.

What if I want a different room than the one I originally reserved?

If you reserved a room, but had a change of heart and want to look at other options, you will need to contact Housing and Residence Life directly at (316) 978-369 or We will need to cancel the booking on your behalf which will allow you to see other options. Be warned that once we cancel a booking, we cannot undo the process and you will be required to pick a room from the current rooms available.

Common Errors

"Roommates profiles does not match the profiles required for bedspace X"

If your roommate does not have the profiles assigned to that bed space, you nor they will be able to assign themselves to it. A student's profiles must match all profiles on that bed space.

Fix: Contact your roommate and let them know they are unable to assign them or have them contact the housing office to understand why they are unable to book into the space.

Additional Video Guides

Tentative Assignments

Did you get manually placed or pulled into a room via your roommate group? Watch here to learn how to confirm, but more importantly, what happens if you decline a tentative assignment. 

After You've Selected

Once you've selected your room, you're not totally done. Don't forget to submit Meningitis compliance with Student Health Services. We also have our Optional Rentals and Bike Registration forms open before you arrive to campus.

Having a multi-person problem?

Make sure the individual experiencing the issue reaches out to our staff first. While it's great to seek a fast solution on behalf of your friend, we are unable to help individuals who we aren't speaking with directly. If you need assistance with multiple people or accounts involved, we recommend bringing your friends into an email chain to clarify and ensure we can help you all as fast and effeciently as possible.