Residence Life Coordinators

For more information about applying to be an HRL Residence Life Coordinator, please visit the Residence Life Coordinator page.

We are currently not hiring for this position.

Graduate Assistantships

Housing & Residence Life offer graduate assistant positions to graduate students in areas of business operations and residential life. These positions are generally live-on positions, eligible for an in-state tuition waiver of $1,800 per semester, a 20-30 hour per week stipend, professional development funds and more.

We are currently not hiring for this position.

Student Staff

Resident Assistants

The RA role is one of a community facilitator and role model, providing leadership and assisting residents in developing a positive community environment through the building of strong and intentional relationships with residents. A positive community environment is one where active learning takes place through RA facilitated opportunities for university staff and resident interaction, seeking resident involvement, and creating a sense of community among residents.

Types of RAs

  • Traditional RAs: Traditional RAs serve as community leaders on an assigned floor.
  • LLC RAs: In addition to traditional RA responsibilities, LLC (Living Learning Community) RAs will be expected to collaborate with campus partners on a more regular basis, and build their communities around the academic/interest area of the LLC (with assistance from an LLC Coordinator and the RA’s supervisor).
  • Apartment RA: ARAs work exclusively in The Flats at WSU and with a returner population (sophomores, juniors, seniors and graduate students).

We are currently not hiring for this position.

Office Assistants

From working at our front desks to sorting mail and helping with office projects, our OAs support our staff and make the day-to-day run smoothly. We currently are not hiring for this position.

Housing Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors represent Housing at various events and manage our social media accounts. We work closely with Admissions and other offices to tell prospective students about how great it is to live on campus! We are have filled the available positions for this semester. Check back for future openings!

**Jobs that are indicated as student jobs are designed to meet the part-time employment needs of students and require individuals to be enrolled in classes at Wichita State University. See Student Policies and Procedures.**