Fall Move-In Day Information

Welcome! We hope you are excited about moving into your new campus home!

Shocker Hall Move-In Guide

Flats Move-In Guide

Housing  Handbook

Packing List

Move-In for the 2019-20 Academic Year will be Thursday, August 15th and Friday, August 16th. First-year students will move in on Thursday, August 15th from 8am to 3pm. (Residents attending Orientation will be allowed to check in and start moving in at 7am) Returners will move in on Friday, August 16th from 8am to 3pm. Check-in for all buildings will begin at Koch Arena.

Getting Ready: Label all your boxes with your name, building, and room number. This will help the WSU Move-In Crew help you! Our Move-In website has plenty of information that you will want to know, such as what to bring or not bring, a list of activities happening throughout the weekend, dining information, how to connect your computer to the network, things to do in and around Wichita, and more.

Parking and Traffic Information: On Thursday and Friday, all vehicles need to drive to the Koch Arena parking lot on the southeast corner of Hillside and 21st Street. Vehicles will park in the north half of the lot and residents and their families will proceed to the lobby of Koch Arena where Check-In will take place. Residents will receive their keys and a parking placard to place on their vehichle's dashboard (these will be color coded by which unloading zone they are assigned), then return to their vehicles.

At this time, Flats and Suites residents will be directed to drive to the unloading zone at the Flats parking lot. Shocker Hall residents will be directed to either the Shocker Hall unloading zone or Lot 8 on the south side of Shocker Hall. The University Police Department will be there directing traffic and staging vehicles to pull up to both of the Shocker Hall unloading zones. Once you are directed to the unloading zone, you will need to STOP, DROP, and ROLL.

1. STOP — in the spot you are directed to within the unloading zone.
2. DROP — unload as quickly as possible. The WSU Move-In Crew will help! 
3. ROLL — have someone in your party move your vehicle to the designated parking lot while another person stays with your belongings or begins taking them up to your room with the help of our volunteers. You will be directed to the appropriate parking lot to park and we will provide you with a golf cart ride back to the building!

*Be sure to keep moving! Prolonged parking in an unloading zone may result in ticketing or towing. Parents will not need a parking permit for Move-In Day. If you would like to park in the surface lot at the Flats, you can purchase a student ePermit through your parking account online (link can be found on the top right corner of your MyWSU page). All you need for that lot is the student “green” ePermit, this permit allows residents to park in any Green or Green/Yellow striped lot on campus.   If you would like a spot in the underground garage at the Flats, that will cost an additional $100 per semester and you will need to go in person to Jardine Hall room 201 with cash or check to purchase that parking pass.  Residents of Shocker Hall can park in any Green or Green/Yellow striped lot on campus.  The closest one to Shocker Hall is just east of Cessna Stadium, close to 21st street.
 Please help us make Move-In Day as easy as possible by following our STOP, DROP, and ROLL motto. Thank you!

Early Move-In: Residents requesting to move in early (before their designated Move-In date of Thursday the 15th or Friday the 16th) must submit that information via their housing application between July 1st and August 1st. There is a daily charge of $35 for each day a resident moves in before their designated Move-In date. This fee will be placed on the resident's student account.

Living Learning Communities

A Living Learning Community is a group of students who choose to live together to expand their education through shared learning experiences that go beyond the classroom. Students enjoy a built in support system, personal attention and mentoring, leadership opportunities, and an enhanced sense of community. Participating in a Living Learning Community can help you make the most of your time at Wichita State University. Click HERE

What to Bring

Please review our suggested packing list for ideas on what to bring and information on what is not allowed in your room. You do not need to bring all the items listed. This is just a helpful list of common items that residents frequently bring when they move in. If you have any questions about whether an item or piece of furniture is permitted, please call our office at (316) 978-3693.

Roommate and Suitemate Information

Read and be prepared for agreements and helpful hints on make living together easier. Cick HERE


Directions and Parking for Fall Move-In

If you are a new student moving in you will be receiving a move-in map which contains specific directions on how to get to Koch Arena and then your residence hall. Please do not rely on GPS or online maps, as campus traffic is re-routed for the day and many of the streets you might normally use are blocked or changed to one-way. Once you get close to your building, look for Guides for specific unloading instructions.

Directions for getting a Shocker card

You should get your Shocker card during your Orientation session over the summer. Click HERE for the Shocker Card website.

Meningitis Information

Before you move into your room you must complete the required information on Meningitis. Information on what is required can be found in your Housing application portal.