Living the Suite Life

The Suites is a 220-bed residence hall, located right next to the Flats Apartments on the east side of campus. The building features primarily 2 bedroom suites, with some 1 bedroom and 4 bedroom units scattered throughout the building. Each suite contains a private bathroom, a kitchenette area, washer & dryer, and common living room. Beginning Fall 2020, The Suites will be open to only first-year residents. The Suites is now open for tours from 10am to 6pm, Monday through Friday. 

360 Views Around The Suites

The Suites also features...

  • A large lobby area that includes:
    • Ping Pong and Pool table
    • Large TVs and plenty of seating for programs
    • Full kitchen
    • Vending machines
  • Gaming Room
  • Information Desk with mail and package pick-up for both the Suites and Flats residents

Furniture Measurements

Piece of Furniture Height Width Depth
Microwave Cubby 16 inches 26.5 inches  
Dining Table (circular) 30.5 inches (from floor to top)    
Dining Chairs (2 of them per suite) 18 inches (from floor to seat)    
Lounge Chair (main area only) 18 inches (from floor to seat) 23.5 inches  
Full Bed 75.25 inches 54.5 inches 20.25 inches
Desk  24 inches 47 inches 25 inches
Desk Chair 20 inches (from floor to seat)    

 Image Gallery

  • Picture of exterior of the Suites building
  • Suites Community Kitchen area
  • Suites Game Room area
  • Suites lobby and info desk
  • Interior of a private style room in the Suites
  • Interior of the bathroom
  • Suites Kitchenette/Dining/Living Room
  • Interior view of vanity, bedroom, bathroom area
  • Interior of a Suites shared style room
  • Vanity/sinks on left, bedroom 2 on right