Recommendations and Meeting Minutes

Summary of Recommendations

The Campus Community and Inclusion Task Force identified four major areas for consideration. Four Subcommittees were subsequently created to explore the following areas of concern:

  1. Subcommittee #1: Art on Campus & Signage/Branding/Telling the WSU Story This committee offers ways to create an energy-infused campus that fosters creative and meaningful connection through inclusive and welcoming spaces. Opportunities include .
    1. Art on campus .
    2. Images / Photography in classrooms, buildings etc .
    3. Utilization of free space on building exteriors- light displays, banners, murals, etc .
  2. Subcommittee #2: Inclusion For WSU Students Recommendations which include strategies to support a diverse and inclusive campus community. These efforts will leverage the effects of an inclusive campus to achieve greater recruitment and retention rates for students .
  3. Subcommittee #3: Inclusion For WSU Faculty And Staff Recommendations have been put forward which include strategies, and practices to support a diverse and inclusive faculty and staff community to achieve greater recruitment and retention rates for faculty and staff .
  4. Subcommittee #4: Utilizing Technology to Connect All WSU Students, Faculty and Staff A recommendation has been put forward to explore partnering with n-Powered to develop an Alexa-based program for smartphones specific to WSU .


  • Meeting No. 1